Grad Arts Forum

 MARCH 14th Grad Arts SHOWCASE fast approaching!



Tarun Kumar Jain, Jesse Amato-Grille , and Aalap Dighe at the 4th annual Copley Society Gallery party. 12/2013

Photo by Sam Hunter Magee

The Graduate Arts Forum encourages artistic collaboration and intellectual discussions among MIT graduate students from different departments. The program organizes a series of three forums each term that promote and engage students interested in the arts at MIT through presentations, discussions and social gatherings at arts venues.


  1. Presentations by MIT Graduate students, moderated by an MIT faculty member or professional in a related field.
  2. Lectures by professional artists.
  3. Themed gatherings designed to support the discussion of arts related ideas and topics.


All MIT graduate students are welcome.

Events 2013-2014

  • September 12-13, GAForum and the LIST orientation and hello
  • September 27, GAForum and the GSC 3rd Annual Harvard Natural History Event
  • September 28-29, The Hacking Arts
  • December 11, 4th Annual Copley Society Private Gallery Opening with the GSC (limited space)
  • March 14, 4th Annual Arts Showcase and Soiree (limited to 500 people), 6th floor of the Media Lab, 7-10pm
  • April 24, TBD

Events 2012-2013

  • September 12: Student Art Loan and Grad Art Forum reception at the LIST Visual Arts Center. 5-7pm
  • September 28:Join the Grad Arts Forum and the GSC for its second annual Arts Gala at the Harvard Natural History Museum, celebrating the Arts at MIT and the end of graduate orientation
  • December 6: Anne Callahan moderates Making Space:



















  • December 12th: Copley Society, Third annual private gallery visit
  • March 15th: Art Share Soiree, Media Lab
  • Spring Term: Sydney Pacific and Grad Arts Forum bring you a 2 part lecture series about the evolution and appreciation of contemporary art


Tarun Kumar Jain at the Copley Society, Newbury Street

Tarun Kumar Jain at the Copley Society, Newbury Street

  • May 10: Sari-Fixation Product Design Competition Finale in the ACT Cube, complete with an impromptu dance party. Visit

Events 2011-2012

  • October 12: Harvard Museum of Natural History Graduate Orientation Gala
  • November 11: BeeHive Collective presents for the Grad Arts Forum and the Technology and Culture Forum
  • December 17: Second Annual Gallery Event at the Copley Society, Newbury Street, Boston: December 14th
  • May 3: Timothy Cooke presents and moderates: Designer as Researcher: what role can aesthetic investigation play in technical innovation?


  • Second Annual Grad Arts Soirée (600+ in attendance)