Alumni Arts Exchange (AAx)

About AAx
All MIT alumni with an interest in the arts are welcome to connect with the recently established Alumni Arts Exchange (AAx). As part of our global network of 12,000 alumni, we hope to see you at future AAx events in Cambridge and beyond!

AAx at Red Star Union – November 20, 2014

See the Storify

“Artfully Engineering Art” sponsored by the MIT Alumni Arts Exchange (AAx).

November 20, 2014 at 6:00pm
Gather in the lobby of Biogen Idec at 225 Binney Street in Cambridge to view and discuss Jeff Lieberman’s kinetic sculpture, Breaking Wave, with the artist, after which we will travel to Red Star Union

Panel discussion at Red Star Union at One Kendall Square starting at 7:30pm
Moderator: Raney Aronson-Rath, Deputy Executive Producer for the PBS series FRONTLINE and MIT Open Doc Lab Fellow
Panelists: Jeff Lieberman ’00, Alberta Chu, and Eric Gunther ’00

Raney Aronson-Rath, Deputy Executive Producer for the PBS series FRONTLINE and MIT Open Doc Lab Fellow. Aronson-Rath directs the editorial development and execution of the series. With David Fanning, FRONTLINE’s creator and executive producer, Aronson oversees all phases of production and runs the daily editorial management of the series. Since joining FRONTLINE in 2007, Aronson-Rath has expanded the series’ reach and reporting capabilities, and grown its broadcast and digital audiences. David Fanning named her deputy executive producer in 2012.

Jeff Lieberman ’00 explores the connections between the arts, sciences, education, creativity, and consciousness. He hosted ‘Time Warp’ on the Discovery Channel, reminding us how little our senses detect and understand about reality. He composes music in the duo Knolls. He shows sculptures internationally, exploring our unseen interconnectedness and interdependence. Having finished four degrees at MIT (Physics, Math, Mech. Eng., Media Arts + Sciences), he is exploring how the evolution of consciousness can alleviate human suffering.

Documentary filmmaker Alberta Chu points her camera at the processes of discovery, innovation, making and inventing. She has produced dynamic science programming for clients including Paramount, National Geographic, and the Sci-Fi Channel. Her award-winning work has been exhibited internationally at film festivals, art museums, science museums, and educational institutions. Her range of subjects span subcultures of technology including: Survival Research Labs, William Gibson, and the artist Richard Serra. Chu is an active participant in the global sciart (science and art) conversation and the STEM to STEAM educational movement. She has served science education and outreach programs and is a recipient of the CPB/WGBH Producers Workshop Fellowship (2001).

Eric Gunther ’00 was born in New York in 1978. He studied Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at MIT, where he also worked on his Master’s Thesis in tactile composition at the MIT Media Lab. He lives in Cambridge, where he is a founding partner of the interactive art and design firm, Sosolimited. Eric makes music with the bands Knolls, Maamba, and Babystep. He and Jeff Lieberman made a timelapse dance video for OK Go. In the in-between hours, Eric dances, meditates, and makes things that shake people.


March 14, 2015 – Pi Day event with Grad Arts Forum Arts Share

Reunion Week, 2015 (exact date TBD)

The MIT Alumni Arts Exchange (AAx) is a global network of over 12,000 MIT alumni of all ages who are involved with and interested in the arts.  AAx hosts a series of events throughout the year centered around a special activity, theme or holiday. The mission of AAx is to provide a gathering space, either virtual or actual, for like-minded MIT alumni to learn about arts activities on the MIT campus, and the work that their fellow alumni artists are exhibiting or performing.  AAx was officially launched on March 13, 2014 – celebrating both Pi Day (3.14) and Albert Einstein’s birthday.

For more information about the AAx and upcoming events, please contact Susan Cohen or Sam Magee.