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The darkroom is located in W20-426. Classes meet in the Shooting & Finishing Studio W20-429. Cameras and other equipment can be checked out on a weekly basis.

The SAA studios are open 24 hours a day, every day, during the Fall 2014 term. Registered students are welcome to use the space as long as a class is not in session. Studio schedules will be posted on the doors at the beginning of each term. It can take up to 2 weeks to activate your ID for studio access.

Please be aware of EHS guidelines. If you are registered for a class, the instructor will cover these at your first meeting. If you are registered for Independent Use, the studio manager will discuss with you at your mandatory orientation.

Before leaving the studios, please store your supplies neatly and leave the space in as good as or better condition than when you arrived.

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Courses for Fall 2014

Sep 15 - Dec 05, 2014

Independent Study in Photography

Sun-Sat. 24 hrs.

Instructor: Thery Mislick [email]


Use of the SAA darkroom, including equipment and selected chemicals for black-and-white film developing and printing is provided.  Color use is not included.  Students supply film and paper. 

The expectation for the Independent Studio user is that they aid in maintaining the studio and assist in mixing chemicals.

There are no formal meetings for this class except for orientation.  The fee covers unlimited individual access to the darkroom and studio except during scheduled class times.  Independent study provides an excellent opportunity for you to focus on an idea or project and move it forward.


Thursday Advanced Darkroom Printing Techniques

Thursday, 7-9:30 pm

Instructor: Thery Mislick [email]

Building on your existing darkroom experience, students will delve deeper into the magic of the darkroom and the cohesiveness of their image making to produce exhibition quality work.

We will exTplore various film formats such as 35mm, 120 and 4x5 along with a range of developers, toners, and paper types.  Class will include detailed critiques of ongoing student work.

Bring your ideas and examples of your work to first class.  
Basic darkroom experience is required.  

Non-class darkroom use is included.

The SAA has a limited number of film cameras which can be checked out.  Students provide their own film and paper.  Darkroom chemistry is provided.

Intro to Black and White Analog Photography

Wednesday 8:00-10:30pm

Instructor: Nicole Tariverdian [email]

Black and white analog photography is a beautiful, fun, and engaging process. This class will cover the basics of black and white 35 mm film photography. Students will learn to process film, print in the darkroom and will gain experience with composition and form. During the semester, we will discuss techniques for taking photographs as well as those used when printing. 


* Students must provide: Black and white photo paper (box of 8 x 10 N/ pearl finish), and some black and white film (35 mm).

The SAA has a limited number of film cameras for loan and provides all the chemistry for students. 

Monday Intro to Digital Photography with DSLR

Mondays, 6-9 pm

Instructor: Thery Mislick [email]

Learn the basics of using your digital slr (DSLR) camera through classroom demonstrations, discussions, photo assignments, and field sessions.

Topics will include how and when to use aperture and shutter speed, white balence (what it is and how to use), camera filters, principles of effective composition and more.  We will spend time discussing our images and learn simple adjustments that can make them stronger.

This class is recommended to those new to DSLR photography as well as film photographers who want to learn about digital.

Students must have a digital SLR camera (no cameras will be provided).

Please bring your camera and user's manual to class.

Meets 8 Mondays, 6-9pm starting Monday, Sept. 22nd.