Start Studio Advisory Board

A board comprised of students and administrators designed to guide the activity and priorities of the MIT Student Arts Program in order to ensure relevance, longevity and maximum impact on the student arts-experience.



Sam Magee, Manager Student Arts Programs, Arts at MIT
Sydney Dobkin, Arts at MIT
Stacy Pyron, SAA Coordinator, Arts at MIT
Katherine Higgins, CAST Producer, Arts at MIT
Nicole Ashurian G, GSC Arts
Carmen Castaños G, Student Gallery Curator, Arts Scholar
Forest Sears, former HipHop Series, ‘16
Kellen Brink, G, Sloan, /Start Studio
Kelli Xu, G, GSC Arts
Lenny Martinez, under-grad FASAP, ‘18
Lilly Chen, G, Sloan, EMS head, Hacking Arts
Natalie Pitcher, G, Sloan, HA lead
Rachel Osumndsen, ‘16, Arts Scholar, FASAP Assoc. Adv.
Pip Mothersill, G, Media Lab, Arts Scholar