Pawan Sinha | Insights from New Sight

Pawan Sinha | Insights from New Sight
March 5, 2011, 11:00 am-1:00 pm
MIT Kresge Little Theater

MIT Professor Pawan Sinha’s groundbreaking work on how the brain extracts meaning from sights and sounds has enabled him and his team both to restore sight to children born blind and “listen in” on how the brain hears music. Sinha talked about this work and demonstrated his “Brain Jukebox,” a tool that reconstructs sound sequences from the mental patterns of listeners and plays it back to the audience. The Brain Jukebox will change the way you hear a piece of music.

Watch Pawan Sinha discuss his work in vision and brain plasticity as well as his new Brain Jukebox initiative.




Pawan Sinha
Pawan Sinha, Associate Professor of Vision and Computational Neuroscience
Moderator of the FAST Thinking Panel Discussion Insights from New Sight
Pawan Sinha is Associate Professor of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT, where he is Director of the Laboratory for Vision Research, which explores how the brain recognizes objects, scenes and sequences. Much of his groundbreaking work in brain plasticity and visual perception involves Project Prakash, a program he launched in India in 2003 to treat chlldhood blindness and, in so doing, illuminate some of the most fundamental scientific questions about how the brain develops and learns to see. He also explores the relationship between neuroscience and artistic expression. During FAST Thinking, he demonstrated a “brain jukebox” that reconstructs musical compositions from the mental patterns of listeners.