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MIT Arts Scholar Felix Li's Wok Palace 88, "A Soft Grand Opening," MIT W97 Theater Building. Credit: HErickson/MIT.

Arachnodrone, an immersive multimedia installation on display at the MIT Museum

Installation view of Arachnodrone at the MIT Museum. Credit: Sham Sthinkya/MIT.

Nikolaos Vlavianos Measures Immersion in Virtual Space

Point-cloud generated from aerial data for PhD Dissertation in Design & Computation. Credit: Nikolaos Vlavianos.

“Ways of Seeing” project documents endangered Afghan heritage sites

Ways of Seeing: The urban environment around Gawhar Saad, Herat, Afghanistan. Photogrammetry in XR Nikolaos Vlavianos (MIT), On-site data collection Moby Group.

Learning to Compute Through Art

Student in Introduction to Physical Computing for Artists IAP SAA Class taught by Timothy Lee. Photo credit: Sarah Bastille.

Arts, humanities, and STEM fields forge an essential partnership at MIT

MIT Dome, Aerocene Test Flights, April 2018. Credit: Sham Sthankiya.

COMPUTING AND THE ARTS: Explore MIT works of artistry and innovation

The arts at MIT are rooted in experimentation, risk-taking, and imaginative problem-solving.

 ~65% of first-year students in the last decade have been active in the arts

An outstanding and growing public art collection of more than 50 works

MIT has the oldest architecture program in the United States, established in 1865

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