Paper Dreams

Paper Dreams offers users new ‘smart’ tools for brainstorming and creative expression by creating a dynamic, human-machine back-and-forth.”

Guillermo Bernal, PhD Candidate, MIT Media Lab Fluid Interfaces Group

Paper Dreams explores how human creativity can be supported by artificial intelligence. An interactive system for generative visual expression, Paper Dreams processes sketches generated by a user, “recognizes” what has been drawn, and creates personalized suggestions for new elements and colors. As humans collaborate with the system, ideas emerge from both the users and the system that can assist and encourage creativity, leading to new artifacts that otherwise might not have been produced.

“Human-machine collaboration has the capacity to augment creativity in a wide variety of ways,” says project lead Guillermo Bernal. “Paper Dreams explores how the real-time generation of ideas and visuals based on multi-modal user input can encourage divergent thinking, specifically in graphical story development, while also providing enough agency for users to feel that they have creative ownership over the final output of the collaboration.”


Project Lead:
Guillermo Bernal, PhD Candidate, MIT Media Lab Fluid Interfaces Group

Lilly Zhou MEng ’19
Erica Yuen MEng ’20
Haripriya Mehta ’19


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Paper Dreams on MIT Media Lab website

An immersive museum installation that is conversational and personalized for each viewer