Celebrating Kindness at MIT

MIT’s annual Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) Week is organized by MindHandHeart as an opportunity for the entire campus community to come together through spontaneous acts of generosity. MindHandHeart is a coalition of students, faculty, and staff working collaboratively and strategically to strengthen the fabric of the MIT community.

In honor of the 2022 RAK Week, the Arts at MIT invites you to enjoy some sweet treats and music inspired by the recent IAP Class “Achieving the Unthinkable: K-Pop on the Global Stage”.

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Playlist of K-Pop Music

Curated by Jeana Choi ’21, M.Eng ’22 and Lisa Yoo, ’21, M.Eng ’22, the student leaders who initiated and led the IAP K-Pop class.

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Free “lolli-K-pops”

Stop by the Arts at MIT office on the Infinite Corridor (10-183) the week of March 8 – 11, 2022 between 11am – 1pm to pick up a free lollipop.

More about the IAP Class

“Achieving the Unthinkable: K-Pop on the Global Stage” brought together a starry and diverse roster of international guest artists offering participants a wide array of insider perspectives on the massive industry.

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The IAP K-Pop class was supported by the Arts at MIT, Music and Theater Arts, and received funding from the Council for the Arts at MIT (CAMIT), a group of alumni and friends with a strong commitment to the arts and serving the MIT community.