Council for the Arts at MIT Spring 2023 Grant Recipients

The Council for the Arts at MIT provides funding for arts projects that engage the MIT community. The Council’s Grants Committee considers proposals for projects in the fall and spring semesters. 

Spring 2023 Grants Committee Funding Recipients

Eleven projects by MIT students received funding this spring for artistic work that engages the MIT community through interactive installations, exhibitions, workshops, and more.


Shua Cho, undergraduate student in Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Couture
Creation of a kinetic fashion collection that engages MIT’s maker community through workshops and documentation of the design and fabrication processes.

Doris Qingyi Duanmu, graduate student in Architecture, with Ziye Zhang, Let’s Design Board Games! Exploring Playful Ways to Tackle Social and Cultural Issues
A series of board game-making workshops for the MIT community.

Samuel Figueroa and Nathan Daniel Bradshaw, graduate students in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science & Engineering, 3D-Printed Lycurgus Cup: Replicating Proto-Nanotechnology Art
Research and creation of a 3D-printed reproduction of a 4th-century Roman cup that has dichroic properties (seen as different colors from different angles) based on principles of nanotechnology.

Carmelo Ignaccolo, graduate student in Urban Studies and Planning, The Consumed City: Rethinking urban tourism in Venice through big data
Exhibition at MIT and at the 2023 Venice Biennale focusing on the effects of over-tourism on cities.

Sebastian Kamau, graduate student in Media Arts and Sciences, with Joe Kennedy and Rachel Hwang, Decomposition Cradle
Exhibition exploring the deliberate growth of mushrooms and fungi and the decaying logs that nurture them.

Daniel Massimino, Kaitlyn Becker, and Peter Houk, Glass Lab Hallway Panel Installation
A new long-term architectural installation outside of the MIT Glass Lab designed and created by glass lab students.

Norhan Bayomi, Supreetha Krishnan, Sara L. Wilson, and John Fernandez from The MIT Climate Machine, a research group in the Environmental Solutions Initiative, Climate Canvas: A Collaborative Digital Art & Community Building Experience
An interactive visual and sonic performance at MIT based on crowdsourced data about climate change.

Caitlin Morris, graduate student in Media Arts and Science, with Aubrie James, graduate student in ACT, Eros Feeding Thanatos Feeding (Eros)
An exhibition exploring the relationships between humans and microorganisms by amplifying information on human-microbe relationships across perceivable scales.

Anusha Puri on behalf of coMITy, MIT student organization, Stand-UP, MIT!
A stand-up comedy show performed by MIT students and a featured headliner.

Jessica Shand and Manuel Cherep, graduate students in Media Arts and Sciences, BioSynth: Biometric Sonification for Live Musical Performance
A research project and musical performance featuring sonification of the respiration and movement patterns of a performer.

Shift+W, graduate student group in Architecture, Representing HER
An exhibition exploring the complexities of female representation in architecture.

Posted on April 28, 2023 by Lydia Brosnahan