Julia Chatterjee ’22, Mechanical Engineering/ Sustainable Design

Montse Garza ’22, Theater Arts and Computer Science & Engineering

Stuti Khandwala ’23, Biological Engineering and Computer Science & Engineering

Karyn Nakamura ’23, Art and Design

A student poses on a staircase.
Image: Amalia Lee. Courtesy of the artist.


Amalia Lee ’19, Materials Science and Engineering
Pip Mothersill G, Media Lab (Object-Based Media Group)
Garrett Souza ’19, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Gary Zhexi Zhang G, ACT

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Two students perform on a stage with blue and purple lighting.
Jake Gunter's lighting design for 'Small Infinities.' Isaac Newton in the foreground, played by Ben Spiro '17, and Hannah Smith, Newton’s mother is in the background, played by Sabrine Iqbal '17. Photo: Jake Gunter.


Jacob Gunter ’17, Course 21E (Humanities and Engineering)
Nathan Gutierrez ’17, Course 6 (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)
Rachel Osmundsen ’17, Course 3 (Materials Science and Engineering)
Hallie Voulgaris ’17, Course 18 (Mathematics)

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