Founder of Cosmosii after the 2022 Creative Arts Competition

2022 Winners


Cosmosii / Emma Kaye, M.B.A ’22

Helping costume creators unlock their potential in a community they love: cosplay.

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Four men pose with a large check reading "Teach to Learn."
First Place 2019 $15K Creative Arts Competition team Teach to Learn. Credit: HErickson/MIT.

2019 Winners


Teach To Learn / team lead, Mark Adams
Teach To Learn is a free online cultural-exchange and mentorship service that supports musicians in resource-poor countries by connecting them to mentors in the United States using live video and e-learning platforms.



Sky International Music Education / team lead, Guo Zhang
Sky International Music Education aims to bring high-quality music education resources to China. They hire young professional musicians to provide online live, interactive video lessons through their application as well as use artificial intelligence to customize and visualize the learning process.



ArtNext / team lead, Maria Esteban Casanas
ArtNext turns your home into a gallery experience. They provide curated art as a subscription model and at-home curatorial services, making use of gallery and museum collection holdings.



Along Fault Lines / team lead, Antonio Moya-Latorre
Along Fault Lines is a platform that sparks emotional recovery among populations dealing with urban trauma, such as natural disasters or social conflicts, through artist residency programs that enhance cultural exchange.


Arts at MIT: “The 2019 $15K Creative Arts Competition”

2018 Creative Arts Competition Winner, 1st place, Project Daredevil (Hapticomix).
2018 Creative Arts Competition Winner, 1st place, Project Daredevil (Hapticomix).

2018 Winners


Project Daredevil (Hapticomix) / 
team lead, Daniel Levine
Hapticomix makes VR for the blind using 3D radio-dramas with motion simulation via a worn vestibular-affecting device.


 / team lead, Ellen Shakespear
Spaceus transforms vacant storefronts into artist studios, enlivening streets and fostering connections between creatives and neighbors.


Helm / team lead, Mitchell Gu Helm
A wearable low-cost and easy to use 3D scanner that preserves large scale artworks by taking snapshots of our world.


 / team lead, Shakti Shaligram
Piccles is a collaborative coloring application that lowers anxiety, relieves boredom, and fosters connection by engaging people in the cathartic act of coloring.


Arts at MIT: “2018 Creative Arts Competition from Idea to Impact”

Credit: Lenny Martinez.
Roots Studio, 2017 First Place recipients of the MIT $15K Creative Arts Competition.

2017 Winners


Roots Studio
Roots Studio allows craft communities to thrive and survive in this new, globalized world.
They believe that traditional art is special, unique, and worth holding onto. There are hundreds of thousands of niche traditional art forms around the world — especially India — that are slowly dying out with each generation.
Roots Studio is building towards a world in which artists have the ability to financially support their families by sharing their culture and traditions in a new and innovative way.
They use technology to connect Indian artists from rural villages to the world. Roots Studio has pioneered a digitization process where each village is connected to the larger world — they have learned how to scan in their artwork, upload corrections and edits to the studio’s proprietary site, and sell their pieces to a global community.


Arts at MIT: “2017 Creative Arts Competition Rewards Entrepreneurship”

Tekuma installation in MIT Media Lab, 2014. Photo: Courtesy of Tekuma.
Tekuma installation in MIT Media Lab, 2014. Photo: Courtesy of Tekuma.

2016 Winners


Tekuma’s mission is to display millions of artworks in physical spaces and activate generic spaces with unique art by emerging artists.

Tekuma curates and stages Airbnbs with art, providing a cost effective way to improve the aesthetics and rental appeal of space, allowing Airbnb hosts to capture higher revenue through more bookings and better ratings. The platform is a one-stop shop for online art curation and distribution.

Marwan Aboudib, SM ’15 (Real Estate Development), MArch ’15 (Architecture)
Kun Qian, SM ’15 (Real Estate Development), MArch ’16 (Architecture)

Three people pose with a large oversized check reading "Sound Spark $10,000"
SoundSpark with Leila W. Kinney at the 2014 Creative Arts Competition. Credit: L. Barry Hetherington.

2014 Winners


TapTape (formerly SoundSpark)
A music crowd-funding site that works with labels, allowing fans to co­-invest in an artist’s record deal and receive a share of revenues. By working with the world’s most influential labels, TapTape allows fans to connect with label-curated artists before they blow up.


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Three people pose with a large image of a $100 bll.
Shambhavi Kadam and Kim Gordon, winners of the 2013 Creative Arts Competition. Credit: L. Barry Hetherington

2013 Winners

FIRST PRIZE (formerly Mediuum)
An online platform that helps people discover, display, and enjoy art digitally by bringing new art to any wifi-enabled device with a screen. The team of MIT graduate students, computer programmers, and artists was awarded $10,000 for the best arts-focused business plan.

“Coming from MIT, the prize establishes our company at the intersection of art and technology.” -Kim Gordon of

The team includes:

Shambhavi Kadam: MIT (B.S. Aerospace Engineering ’06), MIT Sloan (MBA ’12)

Kimberly Gordon: Columbia (B.A. East Asian Studies & Chinese Literature ’08), MIT Sloan (MBA ’13)


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