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A space for students to exhibit their artistic endeavors, both academic and co-curricular

Current Exhibition

Clean white gallery space holds two short pedestals, the left displays a robotic arm and on the right is a stack of building bricks.


Work by Dalma Földesi, M.Arch 2020 and Jung In Seo, M.Arch 2020

Misalignments resists the urge to optimize, orthogonalize, mathematize, and discipline matter. Instead, the hybrid ceramic fabrication processes explored in the galleries apply precision to the design of tools and actions. The artifacts emerge from this new approach to shaping clay. Here, the material is the performer; its qualities result from a balancing act between geometric specification and physical behavior. Controlled moments of instability play from an open score that allows different manifestations. Hands and machines equally involved, this process reintroduces authorship and foregrounds labor in an increasingly automated process. It is a risky endeavor.


Wiesner Gallery Talk: Misalignments with Dalma Földesi and Jung In Seo

November 17, 2020 / 6pm

Join Dalma Földesi and Jung In Seo  (M.Arch ’20) for a gallery tour and conversation about Misalignments, their exhibition in the online Wiesner Student Art Gallery. The artist-architects have created an enticing series of gallery rooms, each illuminating a different aspect of their robotically-fabricated ceramics. Strikingly beautiful and conceptually rigorous, Földesi and Seo’s vessels and forms are created with clay extruding and carving mechanisms of their own design. Join us for a gallery tour and Q&A session with the artists as we consider the tension between hand and machine, the controlled and the accidental. Hosted by the Council for the Arts at MIT.

Artist’s Tour of Misalignments: A Conversation

Thursday, September 3, 2020 / 8:45–9:30pm

Dalma Földesi and Jung In Seo gave a walk-through and engaged in conversation about the digital experience they created to display their work as part of the annual Arts on the Radar event.

Past Exhibitions

2020 Schnitzer Prize in the Visual Arts Exhibition

May 27 – June 30, 2020
Featuring work by the 2020 award recipients: Nicole L’Huillier, Media Lab; Rae Yuping Hsu, ACT; Jonathan Zong, CSAIL; Elaheh Ahmadi ’20, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; and Siranush Babakhanova ’20, Physics

Each year, the Harold and Arlene Schnitzer Prize highlights student work in the visual arts at MIT. Portfolios span almost every imaginable medium and theme; many, if not most student artists bridge diverse disciplines and departments, drawing on MIT’s broad knowledge base and its culture of collaboration.


January 15 – February 27, 2020
Featuring work by Jonathan Zong, Ph.D. Computer Science, MIT

BODY TEXT is reading as gazing as reading as writing; is a contest of control; is an imperfect way of rendering people and systems legible to each other.

Additional Past Exhibitions

The Jerome B. Wiesner Student Art Gallery was established as a gift from the MIT Class of 1983 to honor the former president of MIT, Jerome Wiesner, for his support of the arts at the Institute. Since then, the gallery space located on the second floor of the MIT Stratton Student Center has exhibited a wide range of both academic and co-curricular artwork by MIT students.

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All current MIT students, both undergraduate and graduate, are eligible to apply for an exhibition in the MIT Wiesner Student Art Gallery. Applications are accepted annually in the spring for the following academic year.

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Established as a gift from the MIT Class of 1983, the Wiesner Gallery honors the former president of MIT, Jerome Wiesner, for his support of the arts at the Institute. The gallery was fully renovated in fall 2016, thanks in part to the generosity of Harold (’44) and Arlene Schnitzer and the Council for the Arts at MIT, and now also serves as a central meeting space for MIT Student Arts Programming including the START Studio, Creative Arts Competition, Student Arts Advisory Board, and Arts Scholars.

Funded in part by the Council for the Arts at MIT (CAMIT)