Wiesner Student Art Gallery

Second floor of the Stratton Student Center, MIT Building W20


Assemblies, Nature and Human Societies

Work by Neil Gaikwad and Isabel Moya Camacho

Curated by Sam Magee and Justin Playl
On Display: November 2018

Opening Reception: Thursday, November 8, 2018 / 4-6pm

Decoding the Complexity of Assemblies, Nature, and Human Societies: A photography exhibition showing the contrast between the synthetic and the organic, from a nature-inspired design to a design-inspired nature.

Neil Gaikwad, a MIT Arts Scholar, captures the complexities of our planet, including glacier landscapes, cultures and burning societal challenges across the world. Isabel Moya Camacho, a MIT Sloan student, explores the boundaries between matter and space, fundamentally expanding and enhancing the ways in which humans interact with the built environment.



The Jerome B. Wiesner Student Art Gallery, established as a gift from the MIT Class of 1983, honors the former president of MIT, Jerome Wiesner, for his support of the arts at the Institute. Located on the second floor of the Stratton Student Center, the gallery was designed to be a place for students to exhibit their artistic endeavors, both academic and co-curricular.

The gallery was fully renovated in fall 2016, thanks in part to the generosity of Harold (1944) and Arlene Schnitzer and the Council for the Arts at MIT, and now also serves as a central meeting space for MIT Student Arts Programming including the START Studio, Creative Arts Competition, Student Arts Advisory Board and Arts Scholars.

The gallery is located in the MIT Student Center and is open 24 hours a day.

Stratton Student Center, MIT Building W20, Second floor
84 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA


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