Wiesner Student Art Gallery

Second floor of the Stratton Student Center, MIT Building W20


Exposures: Explorations of Darkroom Printing

Work by Megan Fu, Adam Jost, Yamini Krishnan, Javier Alejandro Masis, Nina Petelina and Julia Sokol
On Display: September 1 – 30, 2018

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 6, 2018 / 7-8:30pm

A black and white photograph is a sheet of paper tinted with shades of gray. Yet, despite the simplicity of the medium, the manifestations it offers are virtually limitless. In this group show, we explore some of these possibilities through variations of the developing and printing process. Experimenting with everything from subject matter and composition to film, paper, and exposure, each photographer is guided by his or her preferences and experiences.

Megan Fu and Yamini Krishnan capture the beauty in elements of our day-to-day lives that go unnoticed, each with her own unique approach. Adam Jost focuses on abstract shapes in natural and man-made landscapes, particularly where the two meet. Julia Sokolcaptures the ways in which light shapes our surroundings. Nina Petelina demonstrates how overlaying multiple images on the same photograph adds detail and strengthens the idea of the photograph. Javier Alejandro Masis explores the nature of perception and portraiture.



The Jerome B. Wiesner Student Art Gallery, established as a gift from the MIT Class of 1983, honors the former president of MIT, Jerome Wiesner, for his support of the arts at the Institute. Located on the second floor of the Stratton Student Center, the gallery was designed to be a place for students to exhibit their artistic endeavors, both academic and co-curricular.

The gallery was fully renovated in fall 2016, thanks in part to the generosity of Harold (1944) and Arlene Schnitzer and the Council for the Arts at MIT, and now also serves as a central meeting space for MIT Student Arts Programming including the START Studio, Creative Arts Competition, Student Arts Advisory Board and Arts Scholars.


The gallery is located in the MIT Student Center and is open 24 hours a day.

Stratton Student Center, MIT Building W20, Second floor
84 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA


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