Wednesday Intro to Oil Painting

Oil paint is widely used traditionally and in contemporary fine art painting. During this class students will learn about oil paint and oil painting techniques. Over the course of the semester students will become comfortable with composing strong imagery for a painting, mixing color and basic painting skills and materials. This class will introduce elements of color, form and composition through the act of painting.

Materials List:

Please bring a canvas as well as a #2 pencil to the first day of class. The canvas should be stretched onto stretcher bars like this.   You can select any shape and size which inspires you. No smaller than 14 x 14 please!

Note: We will go over the other materials in the first class together! Feel free to start to gather the materials if you feel comfortable doing so. If you are taking class with a friend, or a few friends, you can share your paints to cut the cost! You can also pair up with someone the first day if you like.  

  • Canvas  (larger than 14” x 14”)
  • Linseed oil container (small glass jar or something of this nature
  • Brushes (a few different shapes and sizes, this is personal preference)
  • Palette box with palette
  • Paint: with these colors you will be able to mix just about anything: Alizarine Crimson, Cadmium Yellow, Yellow Ocher, Cadmium Red, Cerulean Blue, Ultramarine, Titanium White (large tube), Magenta.
  • Palette knife (optional)

MIT Students: $140  |  MIT Staff & Affiliates: $240  |  Not Affiliated with MIT: $340

This class has been closed for the semester. The next session at the Student Art Association will begin in June 2016, please check back at a later date for class offerings and registration.

Wednesdays, 5:30-8:00pm
February 17-April 27, 2016
Instructor: Nicole Tariverdian