Elisabeth leaps in the air in a park with green grass.

Elisabeth Bullock

Elisabeth is an undergraduate studying Course 18. She is interested in dance, particularly ballet and contemporary. At MIT, she is a member and sometimes choreographer for MIT DanceTroupe. She is also a member of Harvard Ballet Company. Elisabeth also enjoys crocheting, reading, running, and babysitting her plants.

Dylan Cable smiles directly at camera in a salmon colored collared shirt with green leaves from a big tree in the background.

Dylan Cable

Dylan is a PhD student in computer science at MIT, studying computational biology. Previously, he completed his B.S. in mathematics at Stanford. Dylan’s interests include improv comedy and playing guitar. With a few colleagues at MIT, Dylan cofounded the band the Electric Manatees, which gives MIT students’ take on psychedelic rock through the eyes of aquatic mammals.

Levi "Veevee" Cai

Veevee is a PhD student in the MIT-WHOI Joint Program studying robots for ocean exploration. He also did a Masters at the Media Lab and worked on fabrication-related projects. He also likes to eat, travel, eat, play tennis or draw, and eat.

Matt Carney

Matt Carney, PhD graduated from and is a postdoc in the Biomechatronics group at the MIT Media Lab, where he is designing and building next-generation bionic limbs. His specialty in mechanical design and mechatronic systems was born from years of experience working at the industry leading firms Meka Robotics (humanoids) and IDEO (product design). He is formally trained with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mechanical engineering from CalPoly and UC Berkeley, as well as an additional master of science in Media Arts and Sciences from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In addition to machine design, he also has strong interests in art, culture, politics, civic action and social justice.

Sophia Chen stands forward with her arm holding her up near metal scraps in a landscape covered in graffiti art.

Sophia Chen

Sophia is an undergraduate student double majoring in Mechanical Engineering (2A) and Design (4B). Before her current research with GEAR lab, she was a researcher with the Conformable Decoders at the MIT Media Lab. Her work focuses on humanitarian innovation and user-centered product design. Since Spring 2021, Sophia has been the co-Editor in Chief of Infinite, MIT’s fashion magazine. Beyond art and design, she has interests in personal essays, poetry, photography, psychology, philosophy, and music. Her creative work centers around sensation and experience, between color, touch, perspective, and emotion.

Claire Cheng stands facing the camera in a light purple winter coat with snow around her.

Claire Cheng

Claire is an undergraduate student majoring in Computer Science (6-3) and Music (21M-1). She started playing piano at the age of 5, and flute at the age of 10. Outside of her classical training, she also enjoys arranging and performing instrumental covers of her favorite pop songs and movie soundtracks (you can check them out on her YouTube channel, marniescastle). A 2021 SHASS Burchard Scholar, she has participated in the Emerson Scholarship Program, Chamber Music Society, and Symphony Orchestra at MIT.
She began dancing in college as well and is now a choreographer for the Asian Dance Team (ADT) and MissBehavior. In her free time, she enjoys trying out new food places, adding new books to her Goodreads shelf that she swears she’ll read in the next year, and rewatching old Studio Ghibli films.

Joy Feng

Joy Feng is an undergraduate student at MIT majoring in 6-14 and 18 with a minor in 21M (Music). She has been dancing since the age of four, studying ballet, classical and ethnic Chinese dance, lyrical, contemporary, and jazz, and is currently a choreographer for the MIT Asian Dance Team as well as a performing member of Dance Revelasian, a Boston-based pre-professional dance company. In addition, Joy plays piano and cello, is the director of Cello++, MIT’s cello ensemble, and loves playing chamber music in the MIT Chamber Music Society. When she’s not catching up on classes, some of her favorite places to be in Boston are at the Boston Symphony Orchestra concerts, Museum of Fine Arts, Amorino Gelato on Newbury Street, and Liuyishou Hotpot in Chinatown.

Stephanie Fu smiles at camera while holder her camera in from of the ocean.

Stephanie Fu

Stephanie is an undergraduate double-majoring in computer science and music and minoring in math. She has been playing the violin for almost her whole life, and is currently a violinist and the president of the MIT Symphony Orchestra. She loves the community aspect of playing in an orchestra, and hopes to one day have the skills to conduct one as well (if she ever develops actual coordination). Stephanie also likes using the little she remembers about music theory to arrange random tunes (think Christmas remix of your washing machine jingle, violin duet inspired by a pre-finals nightmare, etc…) On the computer science side, Stephanie is interested in computer vision research, and is currently collaborating on a vision project as a SuperUROP in CSAIL. She also spends way too much time thinking about food and taking photos of everything she sees (sometimes they end up on The Tech!)

Snehalkumar 'Neil' S. Gaikwad

Neil Gaikwad is a doctoral scholar at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, specializing in human-centered machine learning and social computing for sustainability. He develops human-AI interaction algorithms and social computing mechanisms to study, model, and (re-) design socio-technical systems for sustainable development, analyzing large-scale datasets emerging from social processes, Earth remote sensing satellites, and socio-economic interactions.

Neil is a practicing photographer and progressive rock guitarist. His 2018 exhibition “Beyond the Boundaries” examines the nature’s physical and social processes through the lens of fine-art photography and remote sensing satellites, and inspires innovations in emerging field of Human-centered Artificial Intelligence for Sustainability. The exhibition showcases the complexities of our planet, including 3,000 years old melting glacier landscapes in Alaska, food security and farmers life in the Western Ghats in India, Desserts in New Mexico, through the fine artwork conducted for over a half a decade. It also includes the artwork published in National Geographic.

For more details about Neil Gaikwad and his work please visit Explore the Planet Earth, Neil Gaikwad Photography, and Twitter.

Jenny Gao

Jenny is an undergraduate studying computer science. In her free time, she loves to draw and experiment with various media, from charcoal to oil paints.

Teresa Gao stands facing the camera in a densely wooded area.

Teresa Gao

Theresa is a member of the graduating class of 2023. She is double-majoring in Computer Science and Engineering (6-3) and Brain and Cognitive Sciences (9). Teresa loves playing viola, reading graphic novels, and otherwise exploring the great indoors.

Audrey Gatta holds painting of young girl in hands while looking directly into the camera with a closed grin.

Audrey Gatta

Audrey Gatta is an undergraduate student majoring in Art & Design and minoring in Spanish and Economics. She loves all forms of visual arts, including drawing, painting, ceramics, sewing, and photography. Through the Memory Project organization, Audrey enjoys creating portraits for children around the world who have faced substantial challenges. When she’s not making art, you can find her playing volleyball, reading, visiting art museums, leading tours of MIT’s Public Art Collection, and going on long walks.

Alicia Guo smiles at camera.

Alicia Guo

Alicia Guo is a senior studying computer science with an interest in generative art. She loves to write poetry, spend time amongst the trees, and dabble in new mediums.

Katherine Guo sits in a leather chair and smiles at camera.

Katherine Guo

Katherine is a current undergraduate in her third year, studying materials science and engineering and art and design. She is from Dublin but spent most of her childhood moving around various countries. From an early age, she has been involved in creating music, first via the violin and now as a part of MIT’s Concert Choir, in addition to also being active in various visual art and art history circles. Some of her favorite things to do in the Boston area are going to the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Thursday nights, running along the esplanade, and walking to Harvard Square for a cup of Berryline frozen yogurt.

Rihn H

Rihn is studying Mechanical Engineering with a Design concentration as well as Comparative Media Studies with a lil bit of Brain and Cognitive Sciences.They are a prolific illustration artist and maker, and they enjoy mixing technology and/or science in art. You can find some of their works here – instagram.com/rihnsworks. Rihn uses they/them pronouns and in their free time, they spin fire, climb ropes, administer ham exams, visit caves, and ferment foods that bring delight to 1/3 of their friends and horror to the rest.

Kristine Hocker smiles at camera while wearing eye glasses.

Kristine Hocker

Kristine is an undergraduate studying brain and cognitive sciences and philosophy. In the past, she’s considered herself to be mainly an appreciator of art. Since coming to MIT, that viewpoint has shifted. A pandemic-interrupted SAA class led her to start practicing film photography. More recently, she’s used class projects to explore the intersection of neuroscience and art. In her favorite project, she used her knowledge of visual neuroscience to conceal an object in a completely illuminated space. When she’s not studying, you can find her perfecting the art of napping.

Jrew Hutchison

Jrew got into art a few years ago and it has entirely absorbed into their life. If you join them in this stage you too may get sucked into this web of experiences.

Catherine Ji smiles at camera.

Catherine Ji

Catherine is from Idaho and is studying math and physics. Catherine enjoys reading and writing poetry and flash fiction. Outside of coursework, Catherine enjoys singing in an a cappella group, the MIT Logarhythms.

Art Scholars at the Boston Ballet.

Mulan Jiang

Mulan Jiang is an undergraduate in Course 2 and premed. On campus, they love dancing with the MIT Asian Dance Team (ADT). In their free time, they professionally design book covers and enjoy playing the piano.

Sharon Jiang smiles at camera with a blossoming tree behind them.

Sharon Jiang

Sharon is a senior majoring in computer science and engineering with a minor in mathematics. She is currently the Editor-in-Chief of Technique, MIT’s yearbook, photography, and design club. Outside of campus, you can most likely find her listening to virtuosic symphonies at the Boston Symphony Orchestra or roaming the varied galleries in the Museum of Fine Arts.

Cartoon character drawing of Raphi Kang

Raphi Kang

Raphi is a cartoonist and illustrator who spends most of her time coding at an institute of technology. She likes stop motion animation, Studio Ghibli, traveling, and thinking about thoughts!

Sohini Kar smiles at camera.

Sohini Kar

Kar is an MEng at MIT studying 6-2 and 9, with an interest in the intersection of computer and human intelligence. They enjoy painting with gouache and acrylic, and their art can be found at the new MIT Welcome Center. Additionally, Kar is interested in design for technology and they founded the UI/UX@MIT club to spread more awareness for user interface and user experience design on campus.

Robert Koirala smiles at camera.

Robert Koirala

Robert Koirala is an aspiring mathematician and metalsmith from Jhapa, Nepal. Through oil pastels, pencils, and copper, he likes to say stories of dancers, monks, and musicians mainly because he wanted to become one at some point. Currently, he is studying mathematics and physics with a HASS concentration he created in design and metalsmithing. Robert also loves drawing faceless nudes to express the state of mind of models. Besides people, he enjoys bringing mathematical ideas to art and vice versa. Robert is also the president of MIT art club, where he hosts studio art sessions in the Student Center every Saturday as well as organizes trips to local museums. Click https://robertkoirala.wordpress.com/ to check out some of his artworks.

Rumi Lee smiles at camera wearing a necklace made of pearls.

Rumi Lee

Rumi Lee is a creative problem solver with a passion for developing meaningful solutions at the intersection of design, technology, and entrepreneurship. They are interested in pursuing engineering in an interdisciplinary environment and are currently studying Course 6-2 (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) as an MIT undergraduate.

Selfie of Kerri Lu as they walk across a bridge at night.

Kerri Lu

Kerri is a grad student in EECS. She enjoys creative writing, listening to music, learning about art history, and exploring Boston.

Devin Murphy

Devin is a sophomore at MIT double majoring in 6-2 (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) and Music. Devin was a part of an exploratory arts seminar during his Freshman year at MIT, where he thoroughly enjoyed learning about the different arts opportunities at MIT and around Boston. He has studied violin for over 10 years and now is a part of MIT’s oldest co-ed acapella group, the Chorallaries of MIT. Devin is interested in how technology can enhance the ways in which we experience art.

Ethan Nevidomsky wearing a cool jean jacket and red t-shirt.

Ethan Nevidomsky

Ethan Nevidomsky is a senior double majoring in Comparative Media Studies and Computer Science and Engineering. They are interested in immersive experience design and generative art. Their past experience includes UROPing at Opera of the Future, developing machine learning synthesizers at Apple, and creating volumetric capture systems for immersive theatre.

Martin Nisser

Martin Nisser

Martin is a PhD student in MIT CSAIL where he develops fabrication methods to make hardware – from structures to robots – that is inexpensive, rapid, and customizable to individual needs and interests. He holds degrees from the University of Edinburgh, ETH Zurich and MIT, and has held appointments at Tesla Motors, Harvard University and the European Space Agency. Martin is particularly excited about engaging in drawing, painting, and classical music.

Anastasia Ostrowski

Anastasia is a graduate student in the Personal Robots Group at the MIT Media Lab, where she explores older adults desires, opinions, and design around social robots for interactions, such as social connection or emotional wellness, through long-term codesign. Her work centers around empowering under-represented populations in technology development, such as older adults, to design social robots and advocating for more human-centered, mixed-method approaches in technology design. Before studying at MIT, Anastasia non-linearly progressed through biomedical engineering, human-centered elementary engineering curriculums, and ideation tools and approaches in undergraduate and masters’ degrees at the University of Michigan. She also enjoys rock-climbing, laser cutters, and vinyl machines.

Ryan Ravanpak

Ryan Ravanpak is a PhD candidate in the department of linguistics and philosophy. His research focuses mostly on issues at the intersection of ethics and metaphysics. He also has substantial interests in aesthetics, musical performance, and music composition. He has composed for string quartet at Harvard University and given lectures on aesthetics in various venues including the LIST Visual Arts Center.

Aruna Sankaranarayanan

Aruna is a graduate student at the Viral Communications group at the MIT Media Lab, where she works on decentralised networks and systems. Apart from networks, she is really interested in maps, open access, the Internet, and free software. She comes to the MIT Arts Scholars program with a background in Carnatic music, and a penchant for Indian Bhakti poetry.

Sunanda Sharma

Sunanda Sharma is a graduate student in the Mediated Matter Group in the Media Lab. Her research focuses on creating functional products that incorporate living organisms or their properties. She is interested in the history and practice of scientific illustration, and is learning to represent life through watercolor, sketching, high resolution imaging, and digital illustration. In her free time, she spends nearly all of her time and money on traveling, and the rest on baking. 

Eva Smerekanych smiles at camera with blue skies behind them.

Eva Smerekanych

Eva is double majoring in Mathematics and Art & Design. She enjoys exploring the intersection of the two fields, and finding the beauty in math.

Arts Scholar Farin Tavacoli.

Farin Tavacoli

Farin is an undergraduate student at MIT majoring in 6-7. She’s interested in animation and design, and enjoys experimenting with various media in her free time.

Anna Waldman-Brown

Anna is a PhD candidate and MIT lifer who’s currently in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning, where she researches automation and inequality and writes occasional poetry with the MIT Work of the Future Taskforce. As a science fiction writer, she’s a member of the Catalyze Playwriting Group and the Writers Block @ MIT. She enjoys cooking, theatre, hiking, and playing the djembe, and hails from San Francisco.

Maggie Wang

Maggie is a senior at MIT in EECS and Mechanical Engineering where she studies robotics, human-computer interaction, and design. She’s a painter, a 3D artist, a storyteller, and can often be found working with metal in MIT’s forge and foundry. She’s interested in how people interact with art and can often be spotted at the many local museums, observing the people there as much as the art!

Catherine Wong

Catherine Wong is a graduate student at MIT studying computational cognitive science. Her fiction has appeared in publications including Shenandoah, Bayou Magazine, and the Chicago Quarterly Review, and she has made audio with the wonderful podcast people at State of the Human and WNYC. In another life, she biked across America, which she did not recommend in the moment but does now.

Melody Wu

Melody is a ’22 majoring in biological engineering and minoring in environment and sustainability. She has done work at the intersection of design, fine arts, biomaking, and related work. You can see her work at: one.touch.melody on Instagram.

Kitty Zeng smiles at camera.

Katherine Zeng

Kitty is primarily a traditional visual artist focused on ink drawings and paintings in watercolor, acrylic, and, most recently, gouache. She is an undergraduate student pursuing a joint major in computer science and cognitive science, as well as a second major in comparative media studies. Currently, she is a muralist for Borderline and also enjoys working on things that combine creativity with the technical, such as computational and interactive literature, digital humanities, and linguistics.

Painting by Brinley Zhao.

Brinley Zhao

Brinley is a digital artist and game designer. They aim to create wholesome worlds that one can be relaxed and immersed in.

Jonathan Zong

Jonathan Zong is a visual artist and computer scientist interested in the imperfect ways that interface design makes people and systems legible to each other. He is currently a graduate researcher at MIT CSAIL, where he is pursuing a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction. Jonathan graduated from the Visual Arts and Computer Science departments at Princeton University in 2018.