Funding for Art Materials for MIT Students

The Arts at MIT is excited to announce a new grant that provides up to $250 of art supplies for pods and virtual groups. Our mission is to support art making activities for learning, pleasure, and community building. Groups may be at any skill level and have any affiliation (pod, learning group, friend group, academic group) but must consist entirely of current MIT students. Student Arts staff will offer advice and guidance, though we anticipate groups will be largely student-led and taught.

To be considered for a materials grant, please prepare a proposal that addresses the questions outlined below. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis; expect them to be processed within two weeks of submission. Grants will be awarded up to $250 per group; remember that in-person groups can save money by sharing materials and tools.

All project materials must be at danger level GREEN on the Project Manus Remote Making Guidelines.

All project materials must be at danger level GREEN on the Project Manus Remote Making Guidelines

At the conclusion of your project, we ask that you prepare a brief completion report to share your experience. The completion report can be in any form: 1-3 minute video, 1-2 page report with photos, etc. We care more about seeing your process than your product; this grant is meant to support and to encourage all skill levels.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Project Manus Remote Making Guidelines

Suggested Sources for Materials

Submit an Application

  • Make up a good name for your group! Groups must contain two or more people. They do not need to be official MIT clubs or groups.
  • Please provide a list of participants including each individual’s MIT email address, MIT ID#, affiliation (undergraduate or graduate student) course, and year. If you don’t have all participants confirmed at time of submission, please explain.
  • 1) What are you planning to do? (2) What is your anticipated duration: how many sessions or how long during the semester? (3) Will you meet in-person in your approved MIT pod or will you meet virtually? (4) Do you need consultation or instruction from an expert?
  • Itemized Project Budget

  • List the quantity needed, total cost including shipping, and vendor link for each item. Supported file types: pdf or excel.
    Accepted file types: pdf, xls.
  • List the specific materials you plan to purchase. You may skip this step if you have opted to upload a spreadsheet above.
    ItemQuantityPrice including shippingVendor Link 
  • Please enter a number less than or equal to 250.
  • Please confirm that the materials requested are safety level GREEN according to the Project Manus Remote Making Guidelines*.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

* Project Manus Remote Making Guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be in my group?

Only current MIT students can receive these materials grants. Off-campus roommates, family members, etc. can not participate.

Can this be an in-person group?

Only members of the same MIT pod are approved to work together in person. Participants are expected to adhere to the most up-to date-guidelines from the Division of Student Life regarding social gatherings.

Can this work via Zoom?

Yes!  Many people have found that Zoom is an effective platform for remote art making in a group.

What if we have never used these materials before or are beginners?

This grant is meant to support and to encourage all skill levels, beginner to advanced. The most important thing is that members of a group are able to work together in a supportive way, no matter the skill level or previous artistic experience of the participants.

Who purchases and researches the materials?

Group leads and participants, as they choose to allocate these responsibilities. We are available to answer questions and offer advice as needed via Zoom.

Where do I purchase materials?

Please click here to download our materials purchasing guide.

If we are a remote group how do we allocate materials?

Individual participants can order their own materials online and be reimbursed by the group lead, or the leads can order and send materials to participants. Socially distant pick-ups may be an option for some local groups.

Can we have an actual “class?”

We anticipate that most groups will be self-sufficient, but should you need instruction or guidance please address that in your proposal.

Why does this have to be a group?

The goal of this program is to provide students with materials to make art together. For projects beyond this scope, the Office of the Arts has two grant programs through The Council for the Arts at MIT (CAMIT) that fund larger-scale and more advanced projects for individuals and groups.

When are applications due?

Grants are awarded on a rolling basis. Funding is limited; we encourage you to submit your materials early.

Additional questions?  Email us at: