First Prize: Ani Liu G, Course 4 (Media Arts and Sciences)
Second Prize: Angel Chia Ling Chen G, Course 4 (Art, Culture and Technology)
Third Prize: Jessica Sarah Rinland G, Course 4 (Art, Culture and Technology)
Honorable Mention: Edwina Portocarrero G, Course 4 (Media Arts and Sciences)
Honorable Mention: Anne Marie Graziano G, Course 4 (Architecture)


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Ani Liu’s Mind Controlled Spermatozoa.

Watch a video about the 2018 recipients of the Schnitzer Prize.


First Prize: Joshuah Jest G, Course 4 (Art, Culture and Technology)
Second Prize (tie): Laura Perovich G, Course 4 (Media Arts and Sciences)
Second Prize (tie): Emily Tow G, Course 2 (Mechanical Engineering)
Third Prize: Chris Kerich G, Course 21W (Comparative Media Studies/Writing)
Honorable Mention: Qiuying Lai ’17, Course 6 (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)
Honorable Mention: Deniz Tortum G, Course 21W (Comparative Media Studies/Writing)

Read more about the 2016 Schnitzer Prize recipients.

Installation of photographs by Qiuying Lai in the Wiesner Student Art Gallery.

Image: Jie Qi


First Prize: Jie Qi G
Second Prize: Rizal Muslimin G
Third Prize (tie): Floor van de Velde G
Third Prize (tie): Amit Zoran G

Honorable Mention: Xiao Xiao G

Jie Qi’s Dandelions, photograph by Jason Pastorello.

2012 Schnitzer exhibition, photograph by Greg Kuperman.


First Prize: Matthew Everett Lawson G
Second Prize: Narda Alvarado G
Third Prize: Nathan Lachenmyer G
Honorable Mention: Emily Tow ’12
Honorable Mention: Elizabeth Anne Watkins G

2012 Schnitzer Exhibition, installation photograph by Greg Kuperman.

Appeel, installation by Richard The, photograph by Willy Sengewald.


First Prize: Richard The G
Second Prize: Jaekyung Jung G
Third Prize: Sam Kronick ’10

Richard The’s Appeel, photograph by Willy Sengewald.

MIT pre-frosh pose with spoons made from molds of their tongues, part of Hope GInsburg


First Prize: Hope Ginsburg G
Second Prize (tie): Katherine James G
Second Prize (tie): Neri Oxman G

Honorable Mention: Stephanie Hsu G

Hope Ginsburg’s Sponge project.

Detail of 2006 Schnitzer exhibition poster, designed by Lira Nikolovska, photograph by Kate Kunath


First Prize: Lira Nikolovska G
Second Prize: Oliver Lutz G
Third Prize: Azra Aksamija G
Honorable Mention: Jeffrey Dahmus G
Honorable Mention: Rene Chen ’07

2006 Schnitzer Exhibition poster, designed by Lira Nikolovska.

From the N Train at Dusk (detail), by Moneto Ho.


First Prize: Moneta Ho G
Second Prize: Nadya Direkova G
Third Prize: Joyce Wang ’04

Moneto Ho’s From the N Train at Dusk (detail).

Detail from 2002 exhibition poster, by Jacqueline Martino.


First Prize: Jacquelyn A. Martino G
Second Prize: Augustine M. Urbas G
Third Prize: Cecilia Ramos ’05
Honorable Mention: Nicole A. Vlado ’02

2002 Schnitzer Exhibition poster, designed by Jacquelyn A. Martino.

Greece 2000, photograph by Marin Clark


First Prize: Marin K. Clark G
Second Prize: Sloan A. Kulper ’03
Third Prize: Changhuei Yang G

Marin Clark’s Greece 2000.

Schnitzer exhibition poster with detail of A Small Bird, by Hiep Nguyen, 2000.


First Prize: Hiep Nguyen G
Second Prize: Vitaly J. Napadow G
Third Prize: Changhuei Yang G

2000 Schnitzer Exhibition poster with detail of Hiep Nguyen’s A Small Bird, 2000.

Colombian Fishermen (detail), photograph by Richard Fletcher.


First Prize: Richard R. Fletcher G
Second Prize: Matthew D. Hollingworth G
Third Prize: Vince E. Carballo ’01

Colombian Fishermen (detail), photograph by Richard R. Fletcher.

Eto Otitigbe


First Prize: Eto S. Otitigbe ’99
Second Prize: Kevin Simmons ’98
Third Prize: Kim Eng ’99

Eto Otitigbe ’99, 1998 Schnitzer First Prize Recipient, photograph by Gabor Csányi.

Women, a painting by by Francisco Ortiz.


First Prize: Francisco Ortiz G
Second Prize: Benjamin Matteo ’97
Third Prize: Xingheng Wang ’99

Francisco Ortiz’s Women.

Reflected Grid Vase (detail), by Christopher Moore


First Prize: Christopher Moore G
Second Prize: Brant Chamberlain ’97
Third Prize: Eto Otitigbe ’99

Christopher Moore’s Reflected Grid Vase (detail).