START Studio

The MIT START Studio provides an atmosphere and physical space where student members can explore their creativity.

Supported by the Arts at MIT, the goal of the START Studio is to cultivate and support MIT arts focused entrepreneurial projects and business teams. It is a 24-hour space equipped with the tools necessary to develop both object based and software products. MIT students have successfully used this space to participate in art related competitions such as Hacking Arts and the Creative Arts Competition.


Why join the START Studio?

  • Convenient on campus location
  • 24-hour scheduled access 
  • Use of tools including: 3D printer, large format printer, sewing machine, hand tools, soldering, vinyl cutter, cameras, tablets, multimedia design software, Apple TV and more
  • Access to relevant advising from on campus experts
  • Workshops offered in arts innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Gateway to $15K Creative Arts Competition


Membership to START

All MIT students are eligible to apply for membership, along with members of an MIT student led Hacking Arts or Creative Arts Competition team with a focus on the arts.

Eligible applicants will be invited to interview with the MIT START Studio Manager. Once approved for membership, applicants must sign the Membership Agreement and attend an orientation in order to begin using the space.

The MIT START Studio Manager has the right to amend the policies at any time.


Additional Innovation and Entrepreneurship Resources at MIT

The Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship offers resources to all categories of entrepreneurs. The Trust Center also has a Creative Arts sector lead who is charged with assessing and improving the creative arts entrepreneurial ecosystem.

MIT’s Innovation Initiative champions innovation across the Institute, and as part of its Resource Mapping project has catalogued Arts & Design resources.

The MIT Entrepreneurs Hub has a market for connecting potential startup teammates, as well as a sector-based catalogue of resources.

DesignX is an entrepreneurial accelerator for student ventures, with a vision to transform the built environment, media and design. Housed in the MIT School of Architecture + Planning, DESx launches student’s ideas into real-world products or systems, offering tools, capital, skills and network while they are at MIT.

MIT’s Design for America (DFA) connects students with real people in order to build and create real solutions to real world problems.

The MIT Tata Center’s research and education mission is to address the challenges of resource-constrained communities, with an initial focus on India.