Murals of Senior Haus

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About the Project

“The walls of Senior House . . . ooze passion and raw emotion, providing a concrete canvas for residents’ renderings of cartoon characters, inspirational phrases, and internal dialogues. The murals reflect the community of students who knew Senior House not just as a place to sleep, but also as a place to call home.”*

Senior Haus emphasizes an attitude of radical acceptance and openness toward the strange and allows the unfamiliar to become familiar. Alumni—often people of color, LGBTQ, or both—frequently cite inclusivity as the deciding factor when they choose to live at Senior House. After a major renovation in 1996 left newly blank walls, the dormitory known as a “haven for creative outsiders” flourished with imaginative expression. Paint was a preferred medium. Over the next 20 years, more than 450 murals emerged in student rooms, suites and public spaces.

This exhibit is a celebration of Senior Haus and its artistic legacy.

Learn more on the Senior House website.

Additional funding for the exhibition was provided by Dormcon, MIT Alumni Association, MIT Furniture Exchange, MIT GSC, MIT MindHeartHand, MIT Undergraduate Association, Senior House Corporation, Sigma Delta Society and Wiesner Student Art Gallery.

* Hayley Glatter, The Atlantic
† Senior Haus refers to the community surrounding the MIT undergraduate student housing group that lived in Building E2/E3, formerly called Senior House. In 2017, the building was converted to graduate-only housing and is now known by its mailing address, 70 Amherst.
‡ Emily Dreyfuss, Wired Magazine


Murals of Senior Haus
April 21–May 7, 2018
Reception hosted by the MIT Alumni Association May 3, 2018 / 5:30–7pm
Wiesner Student Art Gallery
Stratton Student Center, MIT Building W20, Second floor
84 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA

About the Artists

Murals of Senior Haus Exhibit
Anna Britton, Paula Marie Countouris, Tara Ebsworth, Sabrina Madera, Ru Mehendale

The murals were created over the past two decades by Senior House residents including:

Jasmeet Arora, Zachary Barryte, TK Bartel, Sara Campbell, Christy Canida, Daniela Carrasco, K. Clancy, Ashley Clark, Lia Coleman, Jade Comfort, M. Cooney, Rebecca Corcillo, Paula Marie Countouris, Britni Crocker, Marie de Azevedo, Francisco DeLaTorre, Augusta Dibbell, Gretchen Eggers, Katy Gero, Louis Gil, Sara Goheen, Andrea Gonzalez, Robin Ivester, Meghan Jendrysik, Marlo Johnson, jlwfnord, K. Jugenheimer, Jimmy Handy, Harris, Danielle Hecht, Trevor Henderson, Allison Hinkley, Nick Hoffman, Grace Kenney, Anne Kim, Chris Lang, Jesse Louis-Rosenberg, Anran Li, Nadia Madden, Sabrina Madera, Shantell Martin, Kendall McConnel Mahn, Daniel Mcanulty, Ru Mehendale, “My boy” Eric, A. Oranje, Alison Orellana Malouf, June Park, Jessica Perez, Tony Ping, L. Plotnikov, Karen Pulido, Sienna Ramos, Adrianna Rodriguez, Emily Rosser, Alex Schmidt, Ariel Segall, C. Simpson, Tim Sun, Tats Cru, Deena Wang, Spencer Wilson, Beth Wissmann, Graham Woolley, Janet Wu, Victoria Xiao, Xiao Xiao, Maryum Yoon, Rin Yunis, Winta Zaid, Ingrid Zhang, Laura Zhang

Jessica Adams, Emile Daigle, Katy Gero, Michael Heath, Reem Khondakar, Jared Kuzia, Jenn Marcos, Elisa Young

Videography & Virtual Reality
Gabriel Cira, Wiley Corning, Scott Greenwald, Isobar Inc., Julian Lemus, Playback Inc.

Other Assistance
Jasmeet Arora, Zachary Barryte, Danny Benitez, Ilona Brand, Crazy Horse, Britni Crocker, Ewa Dominowska, Debbie Douglas, Peter Downs, Sara Falcone, Ike Feitler, Mark Feldmeier, Keri Garel, Gianna Garza, Josh Gordonson, Rob Johnson, Tod Machover, Helen McCarthy, Rob Morrison, Anran Li, Tom Lutz, Milena Pagan, Adrianna Rodriguez, Carolyn Sayre, Seph, Alicia Thilani Singham Goodwin, Brian Sirna’im, Quentin Smith, Karraline Streifel, Gabriel Teixeira, Pauline Varley, Matt West, Logan Williams, Donna Wrublewski, Cheng Herng Yi, Maryum Yoon, Zoz.

Arts at MIT, Digital Silver Imaging, MIT Department of Facilities, MIT Division of Student Life, MIT Museum, Microprint, Technique, the Tech.