Wiesner Student Art Gallery

Stratton Student Center
MIT Building W20, Second floor

Upcoming Exhibitions

Curiosities of Paper Electronics
April 2016

What happens when you combine circuit building with paper craft? This exhibition shows a collection of artworks by various artists and engineers that explore what new experiences and unique stories arise when we use circuits as an expressive medium. From glowing paper mushrooms to cyberpunk graffiti to an interactive painting that comes to life when you pet it, come experience these curiosities of paper electronics!



About the Gallery

The Jerome B. Wiesner Student Art Gallery was established as a gift from the Class of 1983. The gallery honors the former president of MIT, Jerome Wiesner, for his involvement in and support of  the arts at the Institute. Located on the second floor of the Stratton Student Center, the Gallery was established as a place for students to express and exhibit their artistic endeavors, both academic and co-curricular. The artwork display system and raised platform provide a flexible space that will accommodate a diverse range of creative works from the fields of photography, painting, sketching, drawing, calligraphy, glassblowing, ceramics, sculpture, music, dance and drama. Additionally, the gallery serves as a major exhibit space for student artists who are supported by the Grants Program of the Council for the Arts at MIT.

The gallery is located in the MIT Student Center and is open 24 hours a day.

Stratton Student Center, MIT Building W20, Second floor
84 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA

Curator: Sam Magee
Student Manager: Carmen Castaños