Avant-garde and virtuoso musical performers


Pioneer in participatory and interactive documentary production

Katerina Cizek

Sound artists investigating embodied experience and spatial practice

Scanner and Stephen Vitiello

Chamber Music Ensemble performing Beethoven's String Quartets

Jupiter Quartet

Filmmakers and founders of the Black Audio Film Collective

John Akomfrah and Lina Gopaul

Visiting Artists

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  • John Douglas Powers

    John Douglas Powers

    John Douglas Powers’ work intersects cinema, computation, music and physical space....
  • Arthur Ganson

    Arthur Ganson

    Kinetic sculptor Arthur Ganson creates machines at once whimsical and philosophical....
  • Anne Lilly

    Anne Lilly

    Anne Lilly sensuous and interactive sculptures connect physical realities with the interior world of the mind....


    EVIYAN is an intimate blend of Eastern European folk traditions, Indian classical music, gamelan, jazz, rock, cabare...
  • Florian Hecker

    Florian Hecker

    Psychoacoustic experimentations dramatize perceptions of sound and space in an immersive intensity....
  • Trevor Paglen

    Trevor Paglen

    At the intersection of science, contemporary art and journalism, Trevor Paglen constructs unfamiliar yet meticulousl...
  • Andy Cavatorta

    Andy Cavatorta

    Through the design of such complex and experimental instruments, explores the ways in which we create meaning throug...
  • Julia Ogrydziak

    Julia Ogrydziak

    Julia Ogrydziak draws from architecture, art, video, electro-acoustic composition, electronic music, science, nature...
  • Trimpin


    In his creative experiments, Trimpin engages the visual, spatial, and kinetic properties of sound to “play instrumen...
  • Tristan Perich

    Tristan Perich

    In composing, opens up the sound-making possibilities of the raw machinery itself, always “getting one step closer t...
  • Pamela Z

    Pamela Z

    Pamela Z, classically trained singer and performance artist, works primarily with voice, live electronic processing,...
  • Hauschka


    Fueled by a love of rhythm, Hauschka’s (Volker Bertelmann) classicist training, chamber music sensibilities an...
  • Christopher Janney

    Christopher Janney

    Christopher Janney’s site-specific works facilitate interactions between people and their environment, creating in t...
  • Arnold Dreyblatt

    Arnold Dreyblatt

    Arnold Dreyblatt’s visual artworks create complex textual and spatial visualizations about memory, reflecting ...
  • Victor Gama

    Victor Gama

    Victor Gama’s work addresses the relationship between instrument building and music composition, while using new tec...
  • Eric Singer

    Eric Singer

    A leading expert in the use of sensors and robotics in multimedia systems, Eric Singer is an engineer, programmer, r...
  • David Sheppard

    David Sheppard

    David Sheppard’s work as a sound designer has taken him across the world and across genres, collaborating with many ...
  • Suzanne Bocanegra

    Suzanne Bocanegra

    Suzanne Bocanegra’s visual art draws upon sound and movement as she coaxes new meanings from the intersections of th...
  • Jamshied Sharifi

    Jamshied Sharifi

    Composer, producer and keyboardist Jamshied Sharifi premieres Awakening in commemoration of the revolutionary uprisi...
  • La Scala Chamber Orchestra

    La Scala Chamber Orchestra

    eni and MIT present Fantasies from Verdi’s Operas performed by La Scala Chamber Orchestra....
  • Guilherme Marcondes

    Guilherme Marcondes

    Guilherme Marcondes makes captivating films and animations that probe the relationship between humans and...
  • John Chowning

    John Chowning

    The inventor of Frequency Modulation (FM) synthesis, John Chowning revolutionized the music industry.  ...
  • Mark Stewart

    Mark Stewart

    In a year-long residency at MIT’s Glass Lab, Mark Stewart – multi-instrumentalist, guitarist, composer and instrumen...
  • Mel Chin and Rick Lowe

    Mel Chin and Rick Lowe

    Mel Chin and Rick Lowe explore the complexities of building healthy communities through art and activism....
  • Don Byron

    Don Byron

    American clarinetist and composer Don Byron presents a gospel concert with his own New Gospel Quintet and premieres ...
  • Vik Muniz

    Vik Muniz

    Brazilian artist Vik Muniz radically transforms our understanding of image-making by using shifts in scale, photogra...
  • Scanner and Stephen Vitiello

    Scanner and Stephen Vitiello

    Scanner (Robin Rimbaud) and Stephen Vitiello’s sonic work investigates bodily experience and spatial practice....
  • Jupiter Quartet

    Jupiter Quartet

    Chamber music ensemble Jupiter Quartet performs Beethoven’s foundational String Quartets in a rare opportunity for a...
  • Either/Or


    Avant-garde ensemble Either/Or expands the gray area between composition and installation, composer and performer, m...
  • Tomás Saraceno

    Tomás Saraceno

    Visionary artist Tomás Saraceno creates inflatable and airborne biospheres with the morphology of soap bubbles, spid...
  • John Akomfrah and Lina Gopaul

    John Akomfrah and Lina Gopaul

    The films of John Akomfrah and Lina Gopaul, founders of the influential Black Audio Film Collective, are the catalys...
  • Katerina Cizek

    Katerina Cizek

    A pioneer in participatory and interactive documentary production, Katerina Cizek explores how technology enables ne...
  • Olafur Eliasson

    Olafur Eliasson

    Olafur Eliasson named 2014 Recipient of the Eugene McDermott Award in the Arts at MIT. The award celebrates innovati...
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