About CAST

A joint initiative of the Office of the Provost, the School of Architecture and Planning (SA+P) and the School of the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (SHASS), the Center is funded in part by a generous grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.  Evan Ziporyn, Kenan Sahin Distinguished Professor of Music is the faculty director, and Leila Kinney is the Executive Director.


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Pedro Reyes, Inaugural Dasha Zhukova Distinguished Visiting Artist at MIT Center for Art, Science &  Technology

2017 Symposium Being Material 

Making at MIT

Visiting Artists Program



Image: Pedro Reyes. Photo: Ana Hop.

CAST solicits and supports cross-disciplinary curricular initiatives that integrate the arts into the core curriculum and create new artistic work or materials, media and technologies for artistic expression.


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Sponsored Classes.

Image: Material Formations critique, Skylar Tibbits Design Studio, 2015. Credit: L. Barry Hetherington.

The CAST Visiting Artists Program is distinctive for its emphasis on the research and development phase of artistic work. Residencies embed artists in the cutting-edge research and teaching at MIT, where scientists and engineers are open to artists’ speculative and hands-on way of working.

The program hosts artists from a wide range of visual and performing arts disciplines each academic year, exposing students to the creative process and fostering cross-fertilization among disciplines.

Launched in fall of 2016, the Dasha Zhukova Distinguished Visiting Artist position creates the opportunity for artists to shape new creative projects over a period of two years of sustained, in-depth research and development.


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Pedro Reyes, the Inaugural Dasha Zhukova Distinguished Visiting Artist.

Visiting Artists

Image: Small Instruments IAP, 2015. Photo: L. Barry Hetherington.

CAST assists in the presentation and curation of performing and visual arts or design relevant to the research of engineers, scientists and the MIT community as a whole.

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2016-17 MIT Sounding Series.


Image: Evan Ziporyn introduces The Boston Camerata, MIT Chapel, 2015. Photo: L. Barry Hetherington.

The creative and intellectual production supported by the Center is disseminated to the public through performances, exhibitions, installations and a biennial symposium.

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2017 CAST Symposium, “Being Material.”

Image: Bevil Conway presents in the panel “Seeing/ Color,” CAST Symposium, 2014. Photo: L. Barry Hetherington.

CAST supports graduate students and postdoctoral researchers whose work advances the mission of the Center.

Image: Theresa Zammit Lupi & Michael Cuthbert with the Glaser Codex, Lewis Music Library, 2015. Photo: Sharon Lacey.