About CAST

A major cross-school initiative, the MIT Center for Art, Science & Technology (CAST) was founded in 2012 with a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Since then, CAST has been the catalyst for more than 35 artist residencies and collaborative projects with MIT faculty and students—20 cross-disciplinary courses and workshops, four concert series and numerous multimedia projects, lectures and symposia.

Through encouraging sustained incursions by artists into classrooms, labs and research practice, CAST has helped MIT reaffirm and reinvigorate the interpenetration of art, science and engineering to produce unexpected and exciting results. 


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Pedro Reyes, Inaugural Dasha Zhukova Distinguished Visiting Artist at MIT Center for Art, Science &  Technology

2017 Symposium Being Material 

Making at MIT

Visiting Artists Program



Image: Pedro Reyes. Photo: Ana Hop.

CAST solicits and supports cross-disciplinary curricular initiatives that integrate the arts into the core curriculum and create new artistic work or materials, media and technologies for artistic expression.


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Sponsored Classes.

Image: Material Formations critique, Skylar Tibbits Design Studio, 2015. Credit: L. Barry Hetherington.

The CAST Visiting Artists Program is distinctive for its emphasis on the research and development phase of artistic work. Residencies embed artists in the cutting-edge research and teaching at MIT, where scientists and engineers are open to artists’ speculative and hands-on way of working.

The program hosts artists from a wide range of visual and performing arts disciplines each academic year, exposing students to the creative process and fostering cross-fertilization among disciplines.

Launched in fall of 2016, the Dasha Zhukova Distinguished Visiting Artist position creates the opportunity for artists to shape new creative projects over a period of two years of sustained, in-depth research and development.


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Pedro Reyes, the Inaugural Dasha Zhukova Distinguished Visiting Artist.

Visiting Artists

Image: Small Instruments IAP, 2015. Photo: L. Barry Hetherington.

CAST assists in the presentation and curation of performing and visual arts or design relevant to the research of engineers, scientists and the MIT community as a whole.

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2016-17 MIT Sounding Series.


Image: Evan Ziporyn introduces The Boston Camerata, MIT Chapel, 2015. Photo: L. Barry Hetherington.

The creative and intellectual production supported by the Center is disseminated to the public through performances, exhibitions, installations and a biennial symposium.

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2017 CAST Symposium, “Being Material.”

Image: Bevil Conway presents in the panel “Seeing/ Color,” CAST Symposium, 2014. Photo: L. Barry Hetherington.

CAST supports graduate students and postdoctoral researchers whose work advances the mission of the Center.

Image: Theresa Zammit Lupi & Michael Cuthbert with the Glaser Codex, Lewis Music Library, 2015. Photo: Sharon Lacey.