Louis Sudler Prize winner Theresa McHugh. Courtesy of the artist.

Theresa Clare McHugh ’23: Louis Sudler Prize Winner

Theresa Clare McHugh ’23 has always known that music is their greatest passion. A classical soprano, McHugh has been studying voice since the fifth grade, and redoubled their dedication to the craft at MIT. Singing is more than an extraordinary … Continued

A student holds a violin and bow in front of a chalkboard.
Sudler Prize Winner Bertrand Stone.

The Louis Sudler Prize

The Louis Sudler Prize is presented annually to a graduating senior who has demonstrated excellence or the highest standards of proficiency in music, theater, painting, sculpture, design, architecture or film. An endowment fund provides a $2,500 award to the honoree. The … Continued

Two students perform on a stage with blue and purple lighting.
Jake Gunter's lighting design for 'Small Infinities.' Isaac Newton in the foreground, played by Ben Spiro '17, and Hannah Smith, Newton’s mother is in the background, played by Sabrine Iqbal '17. Photo: Jake Gunter.

2017 Recipients of the Wiesner Student Art Awards

There is common misconception that all MIT students prioritize psets over practicing piano, performing Shakespeare, drawing, painting, dancing or designing lighting cues. The 2017 recipients of the Wiesner Student Art Awards—Jacob Gunter, Nathan Gutierrez, Rachel Osmundsen and Hallie Voulgaris—counter this … Continued