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Yiddish Dreams & Futures

A portrait concert of composer Derek David will feature new vocal and chamber works that reflect upon Jewish identity and Yiddish culture in a contemporary landscape.

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New MIT Museum answers some unusual questions

Pink chickens changing the earth? How about a distortion in spacetime that you can actually see? Strange questions – and the MIT Museum in Cambridge has a few answers. Visitors can see the best of MIT, plus new technologies, at the newly opened MIT Museum.

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Kindred spirits: Museum exhibit connects artist Betye Saar and Isabella Stewart Gardner

The artist is drawn not just to spirituality, but to religions that are assembled from many different practices, mirroring in a way her own assembling of works from different items. For example, the Santeria religion fuses Yoruba beliefs with Roman Catholicism. Peeking into the interior of the “Jewel of Ogun” furnace, visitors can spot a circuit board, a possible reference to Saar’s artist residency at MIT’s List Visual Arts…

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