Nell Breyer: A Dance Within Sol LeWitt’s Bars of Colors Within Squares (MIT)

Nell Breyer: A Dance Within Sol LeWitt’s Bars of Colors Within Squares (MIT)
May 7, 2011 / 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm
The Green Center 6C

A Dance in Sol LeWitt’s Bars of Color Within Squares (MIT) is a performance project staged on LeWitt’s stunning polychrome terrazzo floor created for the atrium of MIT’s Green Center for Physics in 2007. The performance work examines rule systems manifest in group and individual behaviors, revealing surprising aspects of motion, color and depth perception. It responds to the seminal work “Dance” by Lucinda Childs, Sol LeWitt and Phillip Glass. Audience are invited to view the work from the cross bridges, balconies and stair well of floors 3 and 4, looking down onto the vibrant geometries of LeWitt’s floor and the ephemeral re-organizing passages of dancing bodies through space.

Concept & Direction: Nell Breyer
Dramaturgy: Dejan Srhoj
Rehearsal Director: Sarah Baumert
Choreographic Contributions: Nell Breyer, Sarah Baumert, Dejan Srhoj, Sarah Witt, Ricky Kuperman, Alissa Cardone
Performers: Sarah Baumert, Isidore Bethel, Nell Breyer, David Glista, Theodossios Issaias, Kate Ladenheim, Rafael Mendes, Marissa Molinar, Catherine Murcek, Hans Rinderknecht, Mariah Steele, Sarah Witt

Special Thanks: MIT Department of Physics, List Visual Arts Center, MIT Office of The Arts, John Lavertu, Janet Passehl  & The LeWitt Collection, Sofia LeWitt, The LeWitt Estate, Patricia Fuller, Boston Cyberarts Festival, Trust for Mutual Understanding & Jeremy Ziemann, MIT150 Festival of Art, Science and Technology.

Funded in part by a grant from the Council for the Arts at MIT.
This event is presented in conjunction with the Boston Cyber Arts Festival.
Made possible in part by The Trust For Mutual Understanding and the MIT 150 Festival of Art, Science and Technology.