For Your Edification and Enjoyment: A Guide to Arts IAPs 2018

To counter the prevailing “technology of rationality,” which guides most human behavior and hampers our openness to new experiences, organizations must adopt a “technology of foolishness,” argues behavioral theorist James G. March. This sensible foolishness paves the way for experimentation and discovery because the members of the organization have been given permission to temporarily suspend their goal-oriented behavior in favor of a more fluid approach to work.

MIT encourages this constructive playfulness each January with The Independent Activities Period (IAP). This special four-week term, which runs from January 8 through February 2, 2018, offers the MIT community opportunities to try all manner of new things—from post-apocalyptic fiber arts to metalsmithing to prog rock to folk dancing. Write art-generating algorithms, learn to play harpsichord or make music from the sound of your microbiome. Produce radio dramas with WMBR. Set type and print broadsides in The Beaver Press Print Shop, MIT’s own handset printing press. Design transforming stage components and morphing wigs and costumes for live performances. Read Socratic dialogues. Bind books. Paint, sculpt, draw, print. Revel in these choices, and enroll in an IAP course (or several).

To help you navigate the profusion of arts courses, we have compiled a list of classes in the visual arts, graphic design, multimedia, music, performing arts, architecture & design, book arts, writing, literature and film.

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Beginning Pottery Wheel, Darrell Finnegan

Ceramic Pitchers, Darrell Finnegan

Ceramica Botanica, Darrell Finnegan

Metalsmithing, Justin Playl

Mighty Mugs A, Jason Pastorello

Mighty Mugs B, Jason Pastorello

Mighty Mugs C, Jason Pastorello

Super Bowls A, Jason Pastorello

Super Bowls B, Jason Pastorello

Super Bowls C, Jason Pastorello

Totally Teapots, Darrell Finnegan

Enameling: Fused Glass on Metal, Tara Fadenrecht

Ikebana: The Art of Japanese Flower Arrangement, Hiroko Matsuyama

Intro to Jewelry, Tara Fadenrecht

Intro to Metal Sculpture, Tara Fadenrecht

Post-Apocalypse Fiber Arts, Jeanne Marie Wildman

Course 3 movie night: Swords with Prof. Yet-ming Chiang, Elsa Olivetti

Design and build your own skateboard or longboard with a custom decorative wood inlay top, Coby Unger

Nighttime Knitting!, Rachel Kurchin and Fabiola Hernandez



Basic Drawing—Learn to Draw Anything You Want, Carolyn Jundzilo Comer

Beginning Oil Painting Workshop A, Nicole Tariverdian

Beginning Oil Painting Workshop B, Nicole Tariverdian

Digital to Analog B&W Photography, Nicole Tariverdian

Interpreting a Still Life, Nicole Tariverdian

Introduction to Gum Bichromate Printing, Thery Mislick

Hands on Holography, Greg Balonek

Tradition, Redesigned, Juju Wang



Art Collection Workshop, Emily Garner

Rotch Library Limited Access Open House, Anna Boutin-Cooper and Alena McNamara



Dance And Design Making Lab, Karole Armitage

Generative (Algorithmic) Art Workshop, George Varnavides and Emma Vargo

Introduction to 3D Scanning, Shirin Anlen

Introduction to Virtual Reality & GIS, Madeline Wrable

The MIT Moderns: Graphic Design in the 1960s-1980s, Gary Van Zante and Julia Meer



Biota Beats: Your Musical Microbiome, David Sun Kong

A Brief History of Kanye, Max Gold

Esperanto: A Journey Through Music, Francesco Maurelli

Folk Dancing, in time signatures you’ve never heard of!, Prashant Vasudevan and Valarie Rosen

The Game of Music, Sheila Hayman and Colleen Macklin

Heavy Metal 101, Joe Diaz and Tushar Swamy

IAP 2018 MIT Flute Ensemble, Sue-Ellen Hershman-Tcherepnin

Introduction to the Harpsichord for Pianists and Organists, Jean Rife

An Introduction to Prog Rock, Joe Paradiso

Intro to Contra Dancing, with Live Folk Music, Prashant Vasudevan and Ann B. Cowan

Irish Traditional Music Session, Rosanne Santucci and Kevin May

Israeli Folk Dancing, Prashant Vasudevan and Valarie Rosen

Lindy Hop Swing Dancing Lessons, Lindy Hop Society



Design Lab: You, Jenny Jin and Max Evans

Human Factors Engineering—Designing for the Human, Ben D Sawyer

Images in Translation, Sam Ghantous

Writing Architecture through Fiction; A world-building + design workshop, Zachary Angles and Valentina Rosales



Artists’ Books @ MIT, Anna Boutin-Cooper

Crossed Structure Binding Workshop, Ayako Letizia

Esperanto: a journey through literature, Francesco Maurelli

Handset Printing at the Beaver Press Print Shop, Jeffrey Ravel and Anne McCants

MIT Writers’ Group, Steven Strang

Mobile Reading Marathon 2018 Frederick Douglass, Wyn Kelley

Letterlocking: Queen Elizabeth I’s letterlocking techniques, Jana Dambrogio

Love and Romance in Ancient India, Shekhar Shastri

Planners Read Plato’s “Gorgias,” Ezra Glenn

Pleasures of Poetry 2018, Noel Jackson

Secret Belgian Binding, Kate Beattie

Zine-Making Workshop, Rhonda Kauffman



India and Indianisms: Documentary Master Classes, Anandana Kapur

MITell: Personal Storytelling 101, Kirsty Bennett

Podcast Lunch, Andrew Whitacre

SO BAD IT’S GOOD: An Introduction to Media Analysis Through Watching Bad Media, Kaelan Doyle Myerscough

Storytelling 101, Kirsty Bennett

Unleashing Alternative Futures: Constructing New Worlds through Imagination, Narrative, and Radical Hope, Lawrence Barriner II

Urban Planning Film Series: Imagination and Place / Spotlight on the 1960s, Ezra Glenn

WMBR Presents: Live on the Air, Natalia Guerrero



Posted on December 29, 2017 by Sharon Lacey