Aerocene Test Flights, MIT Killian Court, April 2018. Credit: Sham Sthankiya/MIT.
Aerocene Test Flights, MIT Killian Court, April 2018. Image credit: Sham Sthankiya/MIT.

Aerocene flights on MIT's Killian Court

CAST Visiting Artist Tomás Saraceno and MIT scientists Lodovica Illari, Glenn Flierl and Bill McKenna presented Aerocene, a series of art installations and experiments designed to capture the public’s imagination with fossil-free flight. Saraceno’s floating sculptures, made of silver and transparent Mylar, are held aloft by heat from the sun and infrared radiation from the Earth’s surface. At MIT, students experimented with the Aerocene Explorer – a tethered or free-flight starter kit that packs conveniently into a backpack, and enables everyone to launch their own Aerocene solar sculpture.

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The puppets starring in CAST Distinguished Visiting Artist Pedro Reyes
The puppets starring in CAST Distinguished Visiting Artist Pedro Reyes's "Manufacturing Mischief". Credit Sham Sthanksiya/MIT.

Manufacturing Mischief

A puppet play by Dasha Zhukova Distinguished Visiting Artist Pedro Reyes, Manufacturing Mischief uses comedy to address political discourse and the dilemmas that Artificial Intelligence and late capitalism pose in the Anthropocene era.

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Spider's Canvas at Palais de Tokyo in Paris, France on November 23, 2018. Photo by Aurelie Cenno.

Spider's Canvas

Spider’s Canvas features a digital map of a spider web in which each strand is “tuned” to a different note; it is performed by Evan Ziporyn, Christine Southworth and Ian Hattwick of Music and Theater Arts, and Isabelle Su, graduate student in the Department Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE). Spider’s Canvas was produced for the “Jamming With Spiders” series, as part of Tomas Saraceno’s Carte Blanche exhibition at the Paris Palais de Tokyo, and was designed and created in collaboration with CEE (Professor Markus Buehler, director).


Watch for more information about Spider’s Canvas at MIT in Spring 2019.

Jacob Collier. "Imagination Off the Charts," MIT, 2016. Photo: L. Barry Hetherington.
Jacob Collier. "Imagination Off the Charts," MIT, 2016. Photo: L. Barry Hetherington.

Jacob Collier Returned to MIT

Celebrating the December 7th worldwide release of  Djesse Vol.1, Jacob Collier preempted his world tour with a one-of-a-kind performance at MIT featuring the MIT JC Orchestra (comprised of MIT and Berklee College musicians), MIT Festival Jazz Ensemble, MIT Vocal Jazz Ensemble, MIT Concert Choir and Chamber Chorus, Rambax MIT (Senegalese drumming ensemble), Suzie Collier (Jacob’s Mom) and other special guest musicians from Boston and Los Angeles.

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Singers with megaphones are illuminated on a stone staircase.
Workshop at the American Academy in Rome (June 2018) of Filament. Credit: Brandon Clifford.

Filament: Megaphones at the New York Philharmonic

Brandon Clifford, MIT Assistant Professor of Architecture and principal at Matter Design, and Ashley Fure, Dartmouth College Assistant Professor of Music, designed and fabricated megaphones to distribute the visceral power of sound to the far reaches of a concert hall in a project titled Filament: Megaphones at the New York Philharmonic.

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