Michelle Murphy

Michelle Murphy is an historian of science, and the recent past who studies often invisible infrastructures of environmental toxins, reproductive technologies, and compromised environments.

Murphy’s work is guided by questions of environmental and reproductive justice. She is the author of Sick Building Syndrome and the Politics of Uncertainty: Environmental Politics, Technoscience, and Women Workers (2006); Seizing the Means of Reproduction: Entanglements of Feminism, Health, and Technoscience (2012); and The Economization of Life (in press, 2017), all with Duke University Press. At the University of Toronto, Murphy is the Director of the Technoscience Research Unit, co-organizer of the Technoscience Salon with Natasha Myers and Patrick Keilty, lead researcher of the Endocrine Disruptors Action Group, and Professor of History and Women & Gender Studies. For 2016-17, Murphy is also a Jackman Humanities institute Research Fellow. Murphy’s current research concerns histories and futures of chemical violence and infrastructures on the lower Great Lakes.

Murphy is a collaborator in the Environmental Data and Governance Initiative that seeks to respond and monitor the incoming presidential administration.

University of Toronto, Technoscience Research Unit
Technoscience Salon
Endocrine Disruptors Action Group
Environmental Data and Governance Initiative

Invisible Panel Discussion on Saturday, April 22, 2017 from 11:00-1:00pm