A Mosaic of the Arts Scene at MIT 

Student Voices: Arts on the Radar  By Jessica Kim, MIT undergraduate   A Friday night party like no other, MIT’s “Arts on the Radar” lit up the Wiesner Building (E15) with a dazzling display of creativity. More than 600 arts … Continued

The Art of Science and The Science of Art

“Making Art for Scientists: Materials, Processes, and Information Relay” Hannah Munguia Flores is a third-year student at MIT working on a double master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering and Technology and Policy. On most days she studies the carbon cycle, and … Continued

Grid of colorful stills from six separate video interpolations trained on photo documentation of six key Yugoslavian memorial monuments.
The Pilgrimage. Grid of stills from six separate video interpolations trained on the archival and individual photo documentation of six key Yugoslavian memorial monuments. Output from an experiment with color channels. Courtesy of the artists.

Can Architects Apply AI to Hack the Future?

A new AI video installation dramatizes the technology’s potential to influence memory, desire, and the perception of history What makes a memory? And how might that memory affect what it is possible for an individual to think, to feel, and … Continued

Louis Sudler Prize winner Theresa McHugh. Courtesy of the artist.

Theresa Clare McHugh ’23: Louis Sudler Prize Winner

Theresa Clare McHugh ’23 has always known that music is their greatest passion. A classical soprano, McHugh has been studying voice since the fifth grade, and redoubled their dedication to the craft at MIT. Singing is more than an extraordinary … Continued

Center for Advanced Visual Studies

Making Movement Visible

Nell Breyer’s installation “Where Lines Converge,” on view in Manhattan’s Central Synagogue, asks what it means for bodies to convene and perceive themselves as a collective.   The artist Nell Breyer ‘02 has long been fascinated by the relationship between … Continued


Steampunk Met Multiverse

“The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace & Babbage,” a graphic novel by Sidney Padua, offers a playful take on the lives of Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage, two seminal figures in the world of computer science. The novel follows their journey … Continued

Feb 7, 2023