Two Mobility Futures 0∞

2022 CAST International Exhibition Grant

Two Mobility Futures, 2022, MIT. Courtesy of the artists.
Two Mobility Futures, 2022, MIT. Courtesy of the artists.
Two Mobility Futures Filming, 2022, MIT. Courtesy of the artists.
Two Mobility Futures Filming, 2022, MIT. Courtesy of the artists.

Divergent futures where humans move constantly, or not at all


Two Mobility Futures 0∞, an exhibition by Kent Larson and the City Science Group at the MIT Media Lab, presents a dichotomy of divergent possibilities for mobility in the future. The 2020 pandemic instantly halted most human travel while products, food, information, and experiences were delivered to each household. At the same time, fantastic new land, air, and space mobility modes may enable humans to move frictionlessly to wherever they desire.

Two Mobility Futures 0∞ explores extreme versions of these futures and their impact on relationships, possessions, and urban environments.

A cylindrical immersive space reveals cinematic extrapolations towards two possible futures as we move forward in time. To the left is a world where the human experience is increasingly hyper-local and motion approaches zero. To the right, people achieve near-infinite freedom of motion. At the center of the space is a physical model of a future city, formed by salvaged automotive parts, with projection mapping that provides a conceptual view of the motion for each moment in time. Above the model, an analog speedometer indicates the rate of movement for these two futures.

Two Mobility Futures 0∞ was on view at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao from April 8 to September 18, 2022, as part of Motion. Autos, Art, Architecture, curated by Lord Norman Foster.



Two Mobility Futures 0∞ in Future of Motion
February 19 – June 4, 2023
Autostadt Museum, KonzernForum
Stadtbrücke, 38440 Wolfsburg, Germany
Two Mobility Futures 0∞ in Motion. Autos, Art, Architecture
April 8 – September 18, 2022
Guggenheim Museum Bilbao
Avenida Abandoibarra, 2
48009 Bilbao, Spain

In collaboration with the Norman Foster Foundation
Curated by Norman Foster, Lekha Hileman-Waitoller, and Manuel Cirauqui

Two Mobility Futures 0∞ is shown in the Gallery of the Future, a dedicated area exploring the theme of the future of mobility within the Motion. Autos, Art, Architecture exhibition.


MIT City Science Collaborators:

Principal Investigator: Kent Larson

Project Director: Gabriela Bílá Advincula

Project Manager: Maitane Iruretagoyena 

Creative Technology Director: Thomas Sanchez Lengeling

City Science Coordinator: Margaret Church

Media Artist: Justin Blinder

Storytellers: Luis Alonso Pastor, Naroa Coretti, Yasushi Sakai

Soundtrack: Holger Prang, Xiao Xiao


External Collaborators:

Director of Photography: Sean Webley

Video Editors: Lucas Seixas, Pedro Ribeiro 

Performers: Jenna Riegel, Joel Panepinto, Pallas Yao, Shaneeka Harrell 

Script Advisor: Ana Carneiro

Set Design Assistants: Alyssa Jewell, Josiah Mayo

Set Assistants: Felix Li, Ishita Bhimavarapu

Special thanks to: Carson Smuts, Jason Nawyn, Markus Elkatsha, Joshua Higgason, Sara L. Brown, Samantha Arango


Two Mobility Futures 0 ∞ is created by the City Science Research Group at MIT and on view at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao as part of the Motion. Autos, Art, Architecture exhibition, curated by British architect Lord Norman Foster. The project is supported by an International Exhibition Grant from the MIT Center for Art, Science & Technology.