Pink Anemonemefish by Keith Ellenbogen

Tactical Beauty

How underwater photography serves conservation efforts Coping with climate change is such a profoundly new part of the human experience that a new word, solastagia, has been coined to describe the emotional distress caused by violations against the planet. Underwater … Continued

An ensemble of singers on stage.
Elena Ruehr, Gretchen Henderson and Roomful of Teeth at Kresge Auditorium, 2014. Photo: L. Barry Hetherington.

Cassandra in the Temples: Ignored prophetess commands attention in Elena Ruehr & Gretchen Henderson’s new opera for Roomful of Teeth

When the gods hand you a gift, they also hand you a whip for self-flagellation, to paraphrase Truman Capote. The Cassandra story typifies the blessing-and-coeval-curse topos. Apollo gives Cassandra the gift of prophecy to seduce her. When she refuses, he … Continued

A student holds a microphone up to another student blowing across the top of a wine bottle.

Glass Music

A couple of weeks ago, CAST Visiting Artist Mark Stewart brought an electronic looper to the MIT Glass Lab to record and overlay sound loops. In composing their collective piece for the CAST Marathon concert, each member of the Glass Orchestra will add the sound of their instrument (one at a time) to the loop until they have a richly textured piece. In this photo, Kenny Cheung (Postdoctoral Associate, Media Lab) and Mason Glidden (BS, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science ’14) add blown-bottle sounds to the looper.