A Seat at the Table

2021-22 Fay Chandler Creativity Grant

A Seat at the Table. Credit: Deborah Garcia.

A supercommunal experience


There is a noise coming from the institution, from deep within. There is a noise coming from the table.

A SEAT AT THE TABLE is a two-story table set on the MIT campus, serving as both physical and virtual platform for performances and dialogue. The TABLE, an architectonic platform scaled to the dimensions of the theatrical, serves the double task of interiorizing its activities within its constructed environment, while communicating outwardly by recording and broadcasting itself. The TABLE has built-in recording devices used to collect audio, movement data, and video. When the table is not engaged in physical use, this data is composed into an audio experience emanating from the table itself via a built-in sound system. 

The ghostly history of the table is present, while not actively occurring in real-time or in the room itself. The TABLE produces an audio experience for users to explore but never fully receive.


Upcoming Events


May 2023
Keller Gallery, MIT Building 7
77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA


MIT Department of Architecture’s 2021-22 Marion Mahony Emerging Practitioner Fellow Deborah Garcia is a designer, writer, and curator. 

Biography: MIT Architecture Department 
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Directed by Deborah Garcia

A SEAT AT THE TABLE is funded in part by a 2022 Fay Chandler Creativity Grant awarded by the MIT Center for Art, Science & Technology.