Arnold Dreyblatt

Media artist and composer explores audio visual perception and memory


Arnold Dreyblatt’s musical and artistic practice ranges from large multi-day performances to permanent installations, digital projections, dynamic textual objects and multi-layered lenticular text panels. His visual artworks are complex textual and spatial visualizations about memory, reflecting upon such themes as recollection and the archive. Arnold Dreyblatt is a Visiting Scholar at MIT and is currently teaching a course entitled “The Harmonic Archive: Music, Sound and Installation Art as Artistic Research.” Read more.

Public Events

Performance at the CAST Symposium
“Seeing / Sounding / Sensing”
Saturday, September 27, 2014 / 7:00 pm
MIT Media Lab E14-674 (6th floor)
75 Amherst Street, Cambridge, MA

Alvin Lucier, I Am Sitting in a Room, performed by Alvin Lucier
Alvin Lucier, In Memoriam Jon Higgins, performed by Evan Ziporyn
Arnold Dreyblatt, Turntable History, performed by Arnold Dreyblatt

Alvin Lucier, John Spencer Camp Professor of Music, Wesleyan University
Evan Ziporyn, Faculty Director and Kenan Sahin Distinguished Professor of Music, MIT
Arnold Dreyblatt, Professor of Media Art, Muthesius Academy of Art and Design

Past Events

Arnold Dreyblatt: Artist’s Lecture and Demonstration
Wednesday, March 13, 2013

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Evan Ziporyn, CAST Faculty Director and Kenan Sahin Distinguished Professor of Music, MIT



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