Eric Singer

2013 Spring Sound Series

Eric Singer, Clangbot, 2013. Photo: Oscar Solano.
Eric Singer, Block Box, 2013. Photo: Oscar Solano.
Eric Singer at MIT, 2013. Photo: Tracy Heather Strain.

A leading expert in the use of sensors and robotics in multimedia systems

About the Residency

Eric Singer came to MIT as part of the 2013 Spring Sound Series, a semester-long collection of concerts, lectures, workshops, and demonstrations that featured twenty leading sound artists across genres each presenting their view of new music at the cutting edge.

The 2013 MIT Spring Sound Series is presented by the MIT Center for Art, Science & Technology (CAST) and MIT Music and Theater Arts.


Past Events

Artist Lecture and Demonstration
Course 21.M, “Music and Technology”
February 27, 2013 / 12:00pm


Eric Singer is the Founding Director of the League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots (LEMUR), a group of artists and technologists who create robotic musical instruments. These mechanized acoustic instruments—striking sculptural artifacts—are controlled by computers to perform music with and by humans. Responsive and naturalistic, Singer’s instruments together form a mechanical ensemble of acoustic sounds. They have been featured in concerts around the world in collaboration with renowned composers and performers such as They Might Be Giants, Jim Thirlwell (Foetus), Morton Subotnick, George Lewis, Ikue Mori, Todd Reynolds, Ben Neill and others.

Eric Singer has over 20 years of experience in the areas of real-time systems, embedded processing, software/hardware integration, interactive and networked multimedia systems, and electronic musical instrument design.

More at the artist’s website: Eric Singer.