Florian Hecker

Florian Hecker, Event, Stream, Object, 2010. Photo: Axel Schneider.
Florian Hecker, Asynchronous Jitter, Selective Hearing, 2006. Photo: Michael Strasser.
Florian Hecker, Asynchronous Jitter, Selective Hearing, 2006. Photo: Marcos Marilla.

In his installations, live performances and publications, Florian Hecker’s psychoacoustic experimentations dramatize perceptions of sound and space in an immersive intensity.

About the Residency

During his residency at MIT, Florian Hecker researched a new sound piece that utilized the concept of the “auditory chimera” as point of departure. Originally developed at MIT by Bertrand Delgutte, a Senior Research Scientist at the MIT Research Laboratory of Electronics, the concept of the auditory chimera inspires an exploration of the relationship between pitch perception and sound localization. Hecker created a text and sound piece that incorporated the recordings of material read by students. Using an anechoic chamber, he worked with students to explore the experiential nature of psychoacoustic practice.

Florian Hecker’s residency at MIT is presented by the Visiting Artists Program, the MIT Program in Art, Culture and Technology, the Department of Anthropology at MIT, the Goethe Institute and Professor Stefan Helmreich.

Presented by the MIT Center for Art, Science & Technology (CAST)MIT Program in Art, Culture and Technology and MIT Anthropology.


Past Events

Artist Panel with Ute Meta Bauer and Stefan Helmreich 
November 29, 2011

Performance: Tribute to Maryanne Amacher 
October 22, 2011

MIT Chapel Concert 
December 3, 2011

Collaborators at MIT

Javier Phipps Anguerais, Research Affiliate in the MIT Program in Art, Culture and Technology

Ute Meta Bauer, Associate Professor, MIT Department of Architecture

Rick Bostick, Acoustics Technician at Bose Corporation 

Louis Braida is the Henry Ellis Warren Professor of Electrical Engineering, MIT Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Bertrand Delguette, Professor of Otology and Laryngology and Health Sciences and Technology at Harvard Medical School

Stefan Helmreich, Elting E. Morison Professor of Anthropology

Ben Jordan, Doctoral Student in the Department of Organic and Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University

Anna Kohler, Senior Lecturer, MIT Department of Music and Theater Arts 

Stephen Prina, Professor in the Department of Visual and Environmental Studies, Harvard University

Charlotte Reed, Senior Research Scientist, MIT Research Laboratory for Electronics

Jayaganesh Swaminathan, Research Affiliate, MIT Research Laboratory for Electronics 

Antonio Torralba, Associate Professor, MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory


Florian Hecker’s recording, Speculative Solution (Editions Mego, 2011), brings together Hecker’s sonic practice and psychoacoustic experimentation with philosopher Quentin Meillassoux’s concept of ‘hyperchaos’—the absolute contingency of the laws of nature.

In his installations, live performances and publications, Florian Hecker deals with specific compositional developments of post-war modernity, electroacoustic music as well as other, non-musical disciplines. He dramatizes space, time and self-perception in his sonic works by isolating specific auditory events in their singularity, thus stretching the boundaries of their materialization. Their objectual autonomy is exposed while simultaneously evoking sensations, memories and associations in an immersive intensity. Some of his works incorporate psychoacoustic phenomena, disorienting listeners’ spatial perceptions and expanding their conception about sound.

More at the artist’s website: Florian Hecker.