Guilherme Marcondes makes captivating films and animations that probe the relationship between humans and our constructed environment.

Guilherme Marcondes

Guilherme Marcondes is from São Paulo, Brazil, and lives in Brooklyn, NY. For the last 10 years he has applied his personal blend of animation and live performance to a wide range of projects from experimental films to exhibitions and music videos for live concerts. Learn more about Guilherme Marcondes.


Guilherme Marcondes makes electrifying films and animations inspired by the built environment.

His multi-dimensional work seeks to understand how people project their consciousness into their surroundings, especially urban ones, and how these surroundings have an impact upon human behavior, thoughts, dreams and nightmares. Marcondes weaves traditional animation techniques, life-sized puppets and beautiful technological effects into intricate and psychologically intriguing worlds. His work address a core question in science, technology and society studies: what is it like for us, both individually and collectively, to live in a technological world?

At MIT, Marcondes expands his work into the terrain of video games in a workshop to develop and prototype spatial narratives. His visit provides an opportunity for writers, producers and programmers to work together on simulating a future environment. During a public program at the MIT Museum Marcondes presents a selection of his animations and the results of his workshops at MIT.

Guilherme Marcondes’s residency is presented by the Visiting Artists Program, the MIT Game Lab and the MIT Program in Science, Technology and Society.

Public Events

Artist Presentations
Animation Demo and Discussion: Technological Worlds
January 24, 2013

A group of striking short films and production stills provide a glimpse into the artist’s working process. Marcondes shares results from a 2-week workshop that prototyped a spatial narrative with MIT students and faculty from the MIT Game Lab. A gifted animator and filmmaker, Marcondes’ works have appeared on MTV, the BBC, Animal Planet and in film festivals across the globe.

The audience has access to the MIT Museum’s first floor galleries, with a special viewing of the results of a workshop on narrative and spatial storytelling in game design with MIT students starting at 5:15pm.


Class Visits
Artist Visits to STS Classes

IAP: Building Story Worlds: Space, Time, Rules and Narrative in Game Design
January 14-18, 2013

Visiting Artist Guilherme Marcondes, in conjunction with researchers from the MIT Game Lab and the Program in Science, Technology, and Society, lead a workshop on how artists can use the tools of game design—including space, time, and rule sets—to construct complex narratives that are deeply embedded in the settings in which they unfold. Learn how to design and refine a game prototype through playtesting and observation; gather concept art, music, and sound to establish the mood of a narrative setting; and evaluate creations in a critique-based studio environment. Participants review stories that deal with spatial exploration, investigate MIT on foot, and work in teams to create tabletop game prototypes. The workshop is lead by Guilherme Marcondes, MIT Visiting Artist; Philip Tan, Creative Director, Game Lab; Sonny Sidhu, Comparative Media Studies; Rosalind Williams, Bern Dibner Professor of the History of Science & Technology (STS).


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Dan Novy is a Graduate Student in the MIT Media Lab's Object Based Media group.

Sonny Sidhu is a Graduate student in the Imagination, Computation and Expression Laboratory at MIT.

Philip Tan is the Creative Director of the MIT Game Lab.

Rosalind Williams is the Bern Dibner Professor of the History of Science and Technology in the MIT Program in Science, Technology and Society.


City of Cambridge: Lecture and Demonstration