Anne Lilly

Anne Lilly’s sensuous and interactive sculptures connect physical realities with the interior world of the mind.

About the Residency

Sculptor Anne Lilly’s residency coincides with the MIT Museum’s new kinetic art exhibition, 5000 Moving Parts, which includes three of Lilly’s own sculptures, To ConjugateTo Caress, and Eighteen Eighteen. Lilly worked with students in MIT Museum Director John Durant’s project-based seminar, Exhibiting Science (STS.035), culminating in the design, fabrication and installation of an original multimedia exhibit in conjunction with the Cambridge Science Festival.

Presented by the MIT Center for Art, Science & Technology (CAST), the MIT Museum, and the Cambridge Science Festival.


Past Events

Class Visits 
Exhibiting Science, STS.035
February 10, 2014

Exhibiting Science, STS.035
February 12, 2014 

Collaborators at MIT

John Durant, Director of the MIT Museum and Adjunct Professor in the MIT Science, Technology and Society Program

Seth Riskin, Co-Director of the MIT Museum Studio

Allan Doyle, Co-Director of the MIT Museum Studio


Kinetic sculptor Anne Lilly uses carefully engineered motion to shift and manipulate our perception of time and space. Her highly ordered and precisely constructed interactive sculptures move in strikingly organic, fluid, and mesmeric ways. Employing opposing modalities—analytical and intuitive, rational and emotional—Lilly’s sculptures elicit new connections between the physical space outside ourselves and our own private psychological domain. They are usually fabricated in machined stainless steel, but require the viewer’s touch to initiate movement: pressing clinical qualities against the sensuous response of each piece.

In 2013, Lilly received the Barnett and Annalee Newman Foundation Grant Award for Lifetime Achievement. She was named 2012 artist-in-residence at the Art Institute of Boston, and was awarded the 2011 Blanche E. Colman Grant. She has created public artworks around Boston, including a commission for a permanent sculpture near the Boston Harbor. Her work was included in the 2007 deCordova Museum Annual Exhibition, and has been collected by museum, corporate, and private collections internationally. Lilly holds a Bachelor of Architecture, magna cum laude, from Virginia Tech, and has taught at the Art Institute of Boston, Massachusetts College of Art, the deCordova School, and Maud Morgan Arts.

More at the artist’s website: Anne Lilly.

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